Welcome to the next version of the Giantess Shrine.

The highlight of this version is Capp's Mainstream Media Database. This is an archive of Giantess sightings in the mainstream media. Our goal is to make it a definitive source for Giantess material.

This version also has forums. I know what you're saying .... Oh great! Another forum. What I hope to do with the forums here, is start adding features that aren't usually found on other forums. For example, this forum will try and create an automatic thumbnail of a movie you upload. Not a big deal but still something I hadn't seen anywhere else.

The Links Page is back but without my favorite feature. I haven't added the last updated feature. Not to worry, it'll get added when I have some time. But for now, registered users can rate the sites they like and don't like and even comment on each site.

If you registered on the BETA version of the Shrine, your password should not change. If you don't have a login feel free to Register for a new one.

Finally, if you have any questions, comments or found any bugs that I should be aware of, head to the Enhancements and Feedback Forum and drop me a message.

Thanks for stopping by,