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Fantasy Profile

Fantasy: Small Man
Likes: Gentle Giantess

"Let's just go back inside. If I have to rescue you out of the pool skimmer one more time..."

"Your wife is now officially away for the weekend, sir. Do you like my new Ero-Tec shrink ray?"

"Omigawd! Baby, I'm so sorry! I forgot you were in my top!"

"Your mother once told me how difficult it was to wean you..."

"I know you're going to pass out after you come. I'll make sure you don't smother."

"You know the routine, honey. Don't let it get in your eyes, and hold on for dear life."

"THERE you are! I was so worried! I swear, one more escape attempt and I'm buying a birdcage!"

People often ask me if I miss being normal sized. Sometimes I pity them.