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Fantasy Profile

Fantasy: Small Man
Likes: Gentle Giantess

"Depending on the bra I wear, there's sometimes not enough room up top for the two of us..."

"There's another part of the experiment I neglected to tell you about..."

"Don't worry. He gets pummeled by them on a daily basis."

"What do you mean, baggage search? I don't have pockets in this outfit! Where am I supposed to hide you?"

"OHHH yessss... I never thought that'd be possible with a milk duct..."

"Trust me, without our new little toy there, the back door wouldn't even be an option."

"This one's kind of sheer, baby, you can probably see through it fine..."

"We decided on an all-milk diet until they figure out why he's shrinking. I just hope my milk kicks in soon."