Cover artwork or any interior sequential illustrations from comic books or comic strips from news periodicals. This includes general audience comics as well as some adult comics.

2000AD Prog 492

Judge Dredd in: Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. That's what an overdose of concentrated growth hormone will do to ya...

Aca Los Maistro - Cover

Cover of a Mexican adult comic entitled 'Aca Los Maistro'. Date of publication and artist unknown.


Action Comics #276

In this cover image, Supergirl stands confidently as the tiny Superman Emergency Squad futiley attempts to harm her.

Adventure Comics #516

The Atom turns to old friend Barbara Gordon for help in locating the man who orchestrated an attack on his father.

The All-New Atom #17

Despite their first date ending with her swallowing him alive, the Atom gives Giganta another chance.

The All-New Atom #18

Wonder Woman offers the Atom membership in the Justice League. Er...interesting place to carry that little chair, Princess.

The All-New Atom #2

The Atom poses next to a fallen woman in this cover image from the DC Comics series. As is often the case, this scene doesn't actually happen in the issue.

The All-New Atom #24

The Atom is menaced by Lady Chronos in this cover image. Talk about crazy ex-girlfriends!

The All-New Atom #3

When the new Atom, Ryan Choi, is asked on a date by Dr. Doris Zuel (a.k.a. Giganta), he gets far more than he bargained for.

The All-New Atom #4

On a date with The Atom, Giganta proceeds to grow out of her clothes, swallow him alive, and rampage naked through the town, resulting in one of the best giantess sequences in DC Comics.