Submitted by Billtron on Sun, 2008-08-31 16:37.

I oined the forum today in hopes that one of you might either know what happened to Buttman, and/or have a collection of his collages available?
I love his work.


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Submitted by Thanatos on Sun, 2008-08-31 21:57.

Yes, he is not only one of the best collagers around, as he has always been. These days, new good collagers have seen the light of day, but Buttman is always Buttman. Many still try to copy his style... But buttman is always Buttman.

I have a modest collection of his works, but mainly older stuff. A good collection with some gore crush pics was uploaded at the former Giantess Magic, but it's now gone and stupidly enough I never downloaded it.

It's possible that he shows up here and sees your message. He sometimes pops by in the GTS Community, although not as often as he used to...
He tried Yahoo groups long ago, but hated it because they stopped allowing high res pics. then he went to Smart Groups. But then suddenly he announced he would leave the GTS scene. Later he showed up at Giantess dot Com and uploaded many works there. Now GDC is gone... I'm not sure what he's up to, presently... although I do have some of his works uploaded to the guests galleries of Thanatos GTS members area.

Meanwhile check out the users galleries, you may find something you like there.

Submitted by Growl on Mon, 2008-09-01 01:08.

I have some of his collages, tho not as many as I would like. From what I remember he made hundreds. Coincidently, I have been transferring files my old computer to my current one, so I'm doing alot of sifting thru files. Here's what I have for now, and if I find more, I'll upload em.

PS: Buttman, if you are out there, I hope you don't mind that I'm sharing your work.

Submitted by Billtron on Mon, 2008-09-01 09:10.

Thanks Guys,
I appreciate you taking the time to post what you have. I have been a fan since I think day one. Unfortunately, the one time I did tink to save some of his stuff, it was on floppy disks(shows you how long I have been a fan).
Boy I miss his stuff.

Submitted by Growl on Wed, 2008-09-03 16:40.

Here is some more from my collection: