Story: A Modern Giantess In A Medieval Court

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This story was inspired by a collage by someone called Mister Miller on another forum I frequent. I'll attach it to this post. My mind just went wild and started writing a story around it.

I was once fairly prolific in the GTS genre but this story is one of the few I've written in years in the Giantess genre.


She did not know what her name was or how she got there. She just knew

that she felt like she was falling and here she was. She was in a clearing

surrounded by trees in the distance. They had to be quite a distance to be

so small. But as she climbed to her feet, she realized that they were very

close. Strange, she thought. They looked like trees but they must only be

bushes. The next thing she noticed was that she was naked. Her form was

perfect if she thought so herself. Somehow that didn’t seem to ring entirely

true. Her muscles looked toned and fairly large. Her breasts were so full and

large that she had to bend to see her feet. She was just trying to figure out

what was going on when she heard, “Stop and account for yourself, demonic


She looked around, trying to tell where the voice was coming from. Then she

felt a slight pain in her ankle. She looked down.

“What in the name of…?” she thought.

There seemed to be a man down there. She bent and looked closer. My

God, she thought. He’s wearing armor and he’s on horseback. Even on

horseback, he barely reached her knees. He spurred the horse forward and

impaled the lance he carried into her. She yelped in pain and reacted. She

slapped him and he went crashing off the horse. The animal itself turned and

bolted down the road, presumably back to the stables it came from. The

man was struggling to get up. A wicked smile crossed her face and she

raised her foot.

“Oh dear God, please no!” he cried.

She lowered her foot and started putting her weight on it. Ever so slowly,

the metal armor started creaking and giving.

“No, please,” he begged. “I’ll do anything. I’ll worship you.”

As much as every fiber of her being was begging her to crush him and she

wanted to enjoy the sensation, there was also something delicious about the

begging. Besides, she needed to take control of her instincts and get some


“If I let you live, you’ll be my slave?” she asked. “Because that’s the only

way you’ll live.”

“Yes, yes, anything,” he begged.

“What is your name?” she said.

“Sir Loch,” he gasped.

A wicked smile crossed her face.

“Not any more, little man. From now on, your name is Metal-Top.”

The guards on the wall of Castle Campania were too shocked at first to

sound the alarm. From a long distance, they saw the woman approaching.

From almost a mile away, they could make out her features as if she was

within ten feet of them. She was absolutely gorgeous beyond any woman

they had ever seen. She had no blemishes or imperfections of any kind. Her

breasts were large, even in proportion to her overall body size, beyond

anything they had ever seen. She was toned and tanned with muscles that

they seldom saw on a woman and certainly not on a gorgeous one. She

looked to be in her early twenties with long dark hair almost to her hips and

brown eyes, very large brown eyes. As she got closer, they began to realize

how big she was. She must have towered fifty feet tall. The roof of the

castle came only to her shoulders. That she was stark naked only enhanced

the effect it was having on them. Then they looked down and their blood

froze. Staggering along behind and to her side was a knight. They knew it

was a knight because he was wearing the top part of a suit of armor from

the hips up. He was naked from the hips down. His arms were pinned to his

sides by having a lance wrapped around them and she was leading him on a

leash that was tied around his neck. He was not wearing the helmet

though. She wanted his face exposed, the better to humiliate him.

“I’d order you to open the gates,” she laughed. “But I’d never fit through

them. Instead I’ll just call on you to surrender.”

She would never know if it was stupidity or social conditioning but one of the

guards said, “We do not take orders from women, save the Queen.”

“She may be saved,” the Giantess snapped. “But you won’t be.”

With a fast movement, she grabbed the guard and lifted him.

“No, please, mercy,” he cried.

“I’m hearing that a lot lately,” she said. “And I love hearing it.”

Then she got a mock pouting look on her face.

“Aw, I’m sorry, little man. I do hear that a lot lately and I do love it but, this

mercy thing, I can only do that once a day and I’ve already done it today.”

She shrugged.


Then she lifted him as high as she could and opened her hand, enjoying

watching him fall the sixty feet or so to the ground.

“I don’t think all the King’s horses and all the King’s men can put Humpty-

Dumpty together again. Too bad, so sad.”

She loved the sound as he hit the ground but, at the same time, she

wondered where that reference she just thought of had come from. Who

was this Humpty-Dumpty? No matter. All the King’s men and the King would

soon no longer be able to put themselves back together. She looked at the

other guard.

Go tell your King…”

Then she stopped and laughed at the petrified guard.

“Oh, nevermind. If he doesn’t know something’s going on by now, he’s


She grabbed the guard and set him down on the grass outside the castle.

She placed her foot over him, covering his entire body. Then she slowly, oh

so slowly, began to increase the amount of her weight that she was bringing

down on that foot. Begging turned to screams of pain and then to agony

and mortal terror as bones broke and blood spurted until, finally, her foot

reached the ground and she wiped it off in the grass. She noticed that the

other man she had dropped was still alive, lying broken in the grass. She

lifted her foot but then thought better of it.

“Naw, I’ll save you for later- if you’re still around.”

Then she turned to the commotion as people headed towards the castle


The Giantess looked over the castle walls and saw a gathering of men,

surrounding one man to protect him. One of the men stepped forwards.

“State who or what you are and your business here,” he said.

“Oh with the giving orders,” she mocked. “As I walked here, I saw all the

peasants living in poverty and the women pretty much subjugated. So my

business is- surrender now and beg for your lives and maybe, just maybe, I

won’t crush you all to powder.”

“Such insolence,” the man they were protecting said. “What is your name?”

The Giantess paused.

“That’s funny. I don’t know. A strange word keeps coming to my mind.

Medieval? No. Modern? Yes, that’s it. Modern.”

“Morgan, you say?”

“Hmm, close enough,” she said. “Now what’s your answer?”

“No, woman called Morgan,” he said. “We will not yield before a demon,

however large. Nor will we kneel before a – woman.”

He almost spat the word out.

“What’s your name?” Morgan asked.

“I am Artorius, formerly of Rome, now independent ruler of the Britons,” he


“Cool,” she smiled. “I like to know who I’m stomping- sometimes.”

Then she pulled back and hit the stones of the castle with her palms. They

didn’t give immediately so she hit them again and then again. They were

starting to slowly give.

“Wow, I am strong even for my size,” she said. “But this is taking too long.”

She easily hopped and pulled herself up to the top of the castle. Parts

began giving under her weight as the men below gasped and staggered


“Hmm, maybe I should go on a diet,” she joked. “My figure looks perfect but

a girl likes to think of herself as being light.”

She landed inside the castle and towered over the men.

“Now then, your highness, what were you saying?”

“I- I- I- I-“ he stammered.

She lifted her foot, wiggled her toes in front of the men, and then swept

them aside with a swing of her foot.

“I believe you will probably be saying things about mercy and please you’ll do

anything and then some really horrible screaming. But hey, let’s find out.”

She lifted her foot and he raised his sword. She just swung her foot around

to one side and knocked him over then put her foot on him. He landed face

down and she flexed her toes, pushing his face into the dirt. Then she

flipped him over. She put her toes on his legs and wiggled them. He

screamed in pain.

“My knees, my knees.”

“Yes they are your knees,” she said.

She pressed down and there were twin snapping sounds. He sat bolt upright

and screamed in agony.

“Oh, correction,” she giggled. “They were your knees.”

Then she covered him with her right foot and very slowly started increasing

the pressure. He screamed and writhed.

“Please, mercy, I’ll do anything, please. Aggh! Oooooww! Pleeeaaaaiiii!”

“See, I told you. I so wish people would just believe me,” she pouted.

She rose up and balanced on her right foot, putting all of her weight on it.

There were the sounds of cracking bones and the screams of agony turned

to choking sounds and finally stopped altogether. She wiped her foot on the


“Grass is better,” she said. “Now then, who wants to be next?”

The men all dropped to their hands and knees and started begging.

“Now there you go,” she mocked. “Sometimes all it takes is one simple

object lesson.”

The men continued groveling until she said, “Okay, okay, enough already. I

have work for you to do. You’ll do it naked of course. Wait, let me think this

out. You and you and you will be naked.”

She indicated three of the younger knights that were in good condition.

“The rest of you can keep your clothes on. In fact, please do. Now, I’ll

need some clothing made for my size and not this stuff you wear. Something

with a little style, nice and revealing. Those not doing that will have the job

of providing me with food and drinks.”

As they hurried to obey, she remembered Metal-Top as she called him. She

pulled him around in front of her by his leash.

“I am so ashamed,” he moaned. “I chose to live and suffer these indignities.

I was the greatest knight of the realm.”

She gave him a playful kick in the butt. It was playful for her but he groaned

in pain and humiliation.

“Life’s a bitch, little metal man,” she mocked. “And so am I. But if you want,

we can let you die instead?”

“No, no,” he whimpered.

He groveled and began kissing her gigantic toes.

“I knew there was a reason I kept you around,” she said. “Just keep licking,

little knight. I need to relax and try to figure out who I am and where I come

from. Hmm, I wonder if that first guy I dropped from the castle wall is still

alive out there? Ah well, if he is, I’ll let him season for a while. Now then,

lick away.”

Most definitely to be continued...


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