What do you think of this giantess?

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Submitted by iffelbuffer on Mon, 2010-01-11 23:46.

My giantess stands about 60ft tall. She is around 35 years old. She wears black leather pumps with a 4'' heel. She wears dark nylons attached to her panties with a garder belt. She wears black panties and a black bra. She also wears a pink feather scarf and black leather gloves with leapord print fur cuffs. This giantess is a mean, sadistical, bossy girl. She likes to suprise famalies by lifting the roof of houses right off the foundation. She likes to watch her victims run about and scream. She finds this amusing. She also is a smoker. She smokes Matinee' king size cigarettes. She likes to blow her smoke ino little peoples faces and crush her smokes out on the rooftop of buildings. She enjoys crushing her victims but also eats many of them aswell. Giantess also likes to pick her victims up and squeeze them in the tight palm of her brutal black leather gloves. She also enjoys keeping people captive in her stockings, knowing that they cannot escape. She bullies everyone and spares nobody of her tyranny. Her favorite thin to do is terrorize residential homes but also likes to stroll thru cities and pulverize tall buildings. She mostly likes to terrorize men but she wont turn down the oppritunity to terrorize other women. She is a primal beast enjoying the thrill of the kill but has also been known to break a persons arms or legs and leave them to squirm and suffer. She hates rich people and little people who attempt to approach her. She is a true ruler of the iron fist!!


One day a Giantess will crush them all!!

Submitted by Shane on Sun, 2010-02-07 16:18.

I want to be on her stockings

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Submitted by me4914 on Wed, 2010-02-10 17:46.

anything she wants to do to me would be cool

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Submitted by GiantessMissLizz on Fri, 2010-02-12 12:39.

She sounds beautifully evil and erotically uncaring. . . . lol

Submitted by master-woo on Sat, 2011-03-26 16:05.


Submitted by TinyMe on Fri, 2011-04-29 09:10.

would love to stand on her head to get a awsome veiw.