Shrunken man story, let me know what you think...

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Carly slowly reached down and unzipped one of her black knee high stiletto boots and kicked it in the direction you you almost hitting you. As it flies by the warm aroma of her sweaty boot fills the air for a second or two around you. The aroma is heavenly. You cant resist. You wander inside the warm vinyl boot and take a huge whiff. You are suddenly knocked to your knees as the second boot struck the one you were standing in. You stand up and exit the giant boot to notice that Carly now has her pants off and was in the middle of removing her shirt.

You stare in awe at her huge knockers held tightly by a sexy black bra. They were practically exploding out of the bra that was a little too small for Carly. She then walked over to the closet and withdrew a small black dress and a pair of black stiletto pumps. Carly graciously slipped into the dress then slid her feet into the high heels. She looked absolutely stunning. She sat down on the bed and removed a pack of smokes from her purse. She light one up and hauled off it making these satisfying almost orgasmic sounds as if she had not smoked in ten years. As she smokes she crossed her legs and began to dangle one of the black pumps. She dipped and dangled and rolled her ankle with the shoe just hanging there.

You wander over to get a little closer. You were now right underneath the sexy giantesses dangling pump. The heel dangled no more than a foot above your head. Once again the sexy aroma of warm shoe filled the air. Awestruck you reach up to touch the shoe to confirm reality. The leather is so soft and warm. Suddenly the phone rang and the dangling shoe hit the ground with a thunderous CRASH right beside you. You jump just in time not to be smooshed. Carly begins frantically and violently throwing and kicking the contents of her floor all over her room in a desperate effort to find the phone. Carly stopped for a second and made a b line for her dresser. Her high heels clicking loudly on the hardwood floor she angirly and frantically rifled through the contents on her dresser.

Having no success she stormed back in your direction. Quicker than you could blink an eye Carly scooped up as many of her clothes off the floor as possible revealing the phone. Standing on her shirt you are scooped up too. She hurled the clothes into a laundry basket and answered the phone. While she is chatting on the phone you stand up and grab your bearings. Realizing that you are in a laundry basket you look around and notice that you are standing on a pair of sexy black panties. You begin to smell them and rub your face into the soft silk like material. Forgetting what was going on you fall back on the panties and begin to roll in them. That is when you hear " What in the fuck is that?! I'm going to have to call you back because you will never believe what i am seeing right now!!" Carly angrily snapped the flip phone closed in her hand as she stared at the laundry basket. You notice her staring at you so you crouch down as low as you can.

You intended on asking her for help but you figure she will freak not only because you are an inch tall but now you were practically dry humping her dirty underwear. Her heels pounded the hardwood floor as she approached the laundry basket. Her body blocked out the light from the bedside lamp which was like an eclipse to you. Carly stared down undoubtedly at you and she took one last drag off her cigarette and snubbed it out in the ashtray on her dresser. After exhaling her drag right at you she laughed sadistically and grabbed a pair of black leather gloves off her dresser. "Ive been expecting you Matt" said Carly in a teasing tone as she pulled on the black leather gloves.

She reached down and grabbed you by the scruff of the back of your shirt with her forefinger and thumb and dropped you into her other gloved hand. She tightly wrapped her slender fingers around your entire body leaving just your head sticking out of the top of her fist. You stare at Carly with absolute fear as she stares back at you like you are her lunch or something. She drew you close to her ruby red lips and planted a kiss right on your head dragging your face across her bottom lip smearing her lipstick all over your face. " Have i got a job for you!!" exclaimed Carly as she reached in her purse. She withdrew a black tin and a q-tip and set them on the floor next to her feet. She then sits down and sets you down as well.

You look over and notice that the tin says Aldo Shoe Polish. You look up at Carly and notice she is still sadistically laughing. " Well you had better get busy because my beautiful pumps will not polish themselves my tiny man-slave!" Just as you grab the gigantic q-tip there is a knock at Carly's door. "Just wait!!" demands Carly as she tosses a dirty t-shirt over you and the tin of polish. " Oh hey its just you" you hear Carly say. " He is over here come and look!!" you shudder in terror as you now hear two sets of high heels quickly clicking towards you.


One day a Giantess will crush them all!!

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