My Story Thread (all of them) and a request.

Submitted by ginbug on Mon, 2010-11-29 18:27.

Hey, I've decided to post a thread that summarizes and gives links to all of my stories. I will just add my newest works to this thread from now on ^^

Rob the Voraphile: Here is the folder of stories put in order-
Setting: Earth, current times.
Characters: Rob, and a few ladies ;P
Plot: Basically this story is about a boy/man named Rob who discovers his ability to shrink at a young age. He also discovers that he is practically indestructible at his smaller size. This first starts as a trip into his family dog (oh he also has a vore fetish thus the title ). Eventually he would encounter a woman who shares his fantasy but from the opposite side, and that is where his great adventure begins ^^
Content: Soft vore, non-fatal, Oral, UB, Giantess and 1 dog, also includes some foot play in later chapters. And some full tour. Macro/micro F/m only
Status:Complete, but incomplete. By this I mean I am willing to take requests for further chapters (well they are sort of in between chapters, it makes sense if you read).

Demon Giantess Attack:
Setting: A world similar to earth, technology identical to our own.
Characters: Mike-human, Crystal-Demon/Angel, Liza-Demon (succubus) Miri-Angel.
Plot: A civilization of demons decide it is time to breach the surface. The demons are a giant breed of succubus. Basically every opening in their body leads towards their stomach, where they trap the tiny humans and do a sort of soul vore on them. Once gaining their energy they can increase their size (they start at about seventy five feet). The story revolves around the characters listed above, Mike the human is thrown into the chaos while Crystal and Miri try to put a stop to the attack.
Content:Lots of soft vore, and the sort of soul vore. Mostly oral, though there are UB scenes. Macro/micro, sizes ranging from 75 feet to much much larger. F/m F/f.
Status: Complete, but open to more prequels and may be adding a short sequel.

In a Giant Land:
Setting: A strange alien world filled with all sorts of giant creatures.
Characters: Mike-human, Alicia-Giantess, Liza-Naga (also giantess)
Plot: Mike is transported to this strange world from Earth. He is discovered by an old man and brought to the village. A series of unfortunate events brings him in contact of the Giant Alicia, and that is where their long and dangerous quest begins.
Content: Macro/micro Soft vore, semi-hardvore, Same size, oral, sex, F/m, M/F, some crush, non-fatal, fatal.
Status: Complete, also open to additional side stories and possible sequels.

War for Earth: (I considered not adding this story to the list because it does not contain a whole lot of macro/micro or vore, but it has some)
Setting: Earth
Characters: Marcus-human, Alex-human, Rachel-human, Theo-Macro fur, Lilthia-Macro fur
Plot: The story follows a few groups of characters following an alien invasion of earth. Alex is a seventeen year old boy who has been surviving on his own, the story finds him in the broken and empty city of Annapolis, MD. Marcus is the rough leader of a special forces team combatting a mercenary army that has turned to helping the enemy alien forces. Theo and Lilthia are two macro furs who are on the side of the humans.
Content: Macro/micro, oral vore, soft vore, crushing, lots of violence (warning: disturbing at times).
Status: Complete. This story I am willing to continue as another series named "Lives of the Big and Small" Please leave feedback on my profile or here if you are interested.

Troublesome Magic:
Setting: Fantasy world, medieval style civilization.
Characters: Darius-thief, Brooke-Sorceress, Rodrick-blacksmith, Nika-Neko sorceress, Sarah-Princess, Wendy-Young girl/woman.
Plot: Darius seeks the aid of Brooke to help him breach into a castle. Brooke has a trinket that might just help him do this, but that is just where their trials begin.
Content: Macro/micro, shrinking, Soft vore, non-fatal, crush, ub, sex, mouth play, F/m, F/f.
Status: Complete! Just finished this one up, 22 total chapters making it the longest I have done...and probably will do for a while.

To be Insignificant: ... 4#/d31ksva (single chapter story)
Setting: Earth city
Characters: Julia-victim, Roy-Man who shrinks Julia, There is also a Women with Roy.
Plot: Julia finds herself shrunken down on her way back home, forced to endure the sick and twisted sex acts of the two who shrank her. Will she survive?
Content: Shrinking, macro micro, F/f F/m M/f, giant couple, Ub partial CV, sex (very explicit), oral vore, soft vore, mouth play.
Status: Complete, was only intended to be a short single chapter story (though requests for similar stories are always accepted)

Well there are my stories, I figured Deviant Art is a good place to read them, it has a nice feature to scroll through the chapters in order. Now onto my Request. I think I have mentioned this on another post, but I would love, love, love to do an Art Trade with someone. I have been trying to learn how to draw for a while but I can't seem to get a grasp of it, and I probably don't have the time I really need to get to the level that I would like to reach.

I would love to some of my characters, especially Rob and Amy/Kristen from Rob the Voraphile, or any of my other characters, in visual form. I am not acting for a lot of detail really, perhaps just character sketches with one of the Male leads with the Female leads. I would like to set one of these as my Deviant ID (all credit going to the artist of course). In return I am offering to write a 100% personalized story, all characters and content decided by you. I am willing to do almost anything (really). There are a few things I wont write, that is M/m sexual interaction, scat and watersports. I do not like hardvore and digestion but will write it in a trade.

If you have any requests you can go ahead and post them here, though the fastest way to get in touch would be through my YIM (ginbug87) or via Deviant Art.