Kimberly is now a real giant.

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Chapter 1. Kimberly arrives and heads out.

The ground just shook and trembled as Kimberly walked, there I was on her left
shoulder only 1 1/2 inches tall to her. The people down below looked like bugs running to get out of her way. Their screams sounded like tiny little squeaks as they were screaming as they were getting out of her way. Kimberly was a real giant, she was 280 feet tall. She was wearing a low cut tang top with cleavage showing and she was wearing skin tight light blue spandex pants. Kimberly's friend Lynn
pulled up in her convertable car. From Kimberly's shoulders Lynn and her car looked so small. Kimberly took a step towards Lynn's car, she reached down and
picked up Lynn's car with her in it and lifted it up to her face. The 3 of us talked for a bit and Lynn asked me, "Hey, would you like to see kimberly walking from
ground level?" I thought for a moment and replied, "Yes." Then Kimberly replied, "How about if I walk to the city and have you two follow me and I will walk around in the city and you can then see the reactions of the people first hand, ok." Kimberly then reached and gently grabed me and put me into Lynn's car.
She then carried us out to the highway and put the car down. Lynn pulled out
and began to accelerate and she drove for a couple of minutes and looking back we could see Kimberly.
Kimberly was wearing a tight tang top and skin tight light blue spandex pants.
Then Kimberly steped out and began to follow us, she was walking along the right side of the highway, and looking back we could see that she was catching up. Lynn was
going at 110km/h and Kimberly was catching up to us. As Kimberly got close to us she slowed down her walk and as she passed us she waved and smiled at us. As she passed us the ground just trembled with each step she took. As she passed us I looked up at her and was in awe of her great size, she was huge a real giant 280 feet tall. As Kimberly walked her bum cheeks jiggled anmd bounced up and down.
After she passed us she picked up her walking pace and continued to walk at her normal walking pace. Lynn increased speed to 120km/h then to 150 km/h and Kimberly
was putting distance between herself and us. Lynn looked at the speedometer and said,"Oh my goodness look at this, she can walk faster then I can drive.". Then a long straight stretch of highway came up and Lynn put the peddle all the way to the floor and
was not able to keep up with Kimberly. Lynn then slowed down and said, "Oh my just look at the size of her, everyone in the city will be totally scared when she arrives."
As Kimberly continued her walk along the side of the highway she saw little cars speeding along the highway. She continued her walk to the city and now she saw it in the distance. As she continued her walk, the people in the city noticed her approach,
she was so big that she was easily seen as far away as 5 miles. As Kimberly got closer
the people began to text, phone and message their friends about kimberly. Soon everyone was out and saw her coming upon their city and all those who knew her were
totally shocked and just staired with disbelief. They were saying to each other, "Look, she is coming, Kimberly Sherring is a giant look at the size of her she is a giant." As
Kimberly neared the outskirts of the city she slowed down her walking pace and came to a stop right outside the city. She looked at the city before her, she was now a real giant. Kimberly slowly walked into the city as she walked with each step she sent tremors across the city. Kimberly walked several blocks into the city as she was walking she was watching the tiny people way down below running around. It amused her to watch the tiny people running around in every direction. Kimberly towered over every building in the city, she towered over everything
in sight. The top of the tallest building came just below her boobs. After walking several blocks into the city, she then stoped and looked around. She put her hands on her hips and looked
around and down she saw tiny people running around frantically and histerically screaming, to her their screrams sounded like little squeaks. She also saw cars speeding up and down the streets. Kimberly found it exciting, she was now a real giant and as she watched the tiny people way down below running around, she smiled and laughed a little. Kimberly Sherring then slowly started to walk through the city. As Kimberly Sherring was walking through the city the ground just trembled and the trembling was felt across the city, those the closest felt it more. As Kimberly was slowly walking through the city, people down below in the in the streets
were running around, they were screaming and shouting as loud as they could, "Look
it is Kimberly Sherring, she is here, Kimberly Sherring is a giant, Kimberly Sherring is a giant, Kimberly Sherring is a giant, she is a giant."
Lynn and I were now nearing the city and we saw Kimberly, man was she ever huge.
We now arrived at the outskirts of the city and Lynn slowed down and entered the city limits and there we saw Kimberly. Several cars sped past us they were leaving the city
in a hurry. As we got more into the city we saw people running around pointing up at Kimberly shouting, "Look at Kimberly Sherring, she is a giant, Kimberly Sherring is a giant." As Kimberly was walking around slowly and she was looking at all the people as they were running around in the streets. Kimberly then made her way across the city to the south side, there she stoped and looked around.
She felt a rush, she was the largest being on the planet, she knew nothing could stand
in her way. She stoped put her hands on her hips and watched for a minute the people way down below running around it amused her quite a bit and she laughed a little. Kimberly then droped her hands to her side and began to walk the ground just trembled with each step. She was now walking to the north side of the city.


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