Teachers Pet (Introduction and Part I)

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Teachers Pet
Featuring Goddess Destroi


Goddess Destroi…………..Sandra Mason (English professor/witch)

Mia Thompson…………….(Caucasian; BBW; warehouse dispatcher)

Josh Carney………………..(college senior – “foot toy”)

Jason Reed…………………(former pet; Sandra’s enemy)


I just can’t believe this. No matter how many classes that I have sat through, it just amazes me that no one seems to even care about the seat in front of the class that has been empty for a complete month. I am tired of this……the humiliation; Ms. Mason’s bitchy antics and her disgusting nylons. Why…..why can’t she just kill me…….anything is better than being her pet…………..


It happened a month ago! The first day of the week and month, Josh Carney endured the most shocking thing ever. Although he was considered the smartest student in class, and perhaps on campus, there was a test that he just felt the need to cheat on for the simple fact that he didn’t have time to study. He had made the fatal mistake of snooping around in Professor Sandra Mason’s briefcase for the answers.

Everyone loves Sandra – a vibrant ebony queen who seemed more seductive than any woman you would catch on television or the big screen. Some of her students would say that she is perhaps the sexiest woman ever. Little did they know that modeling was a career that Sandra had given up for her passion for teaching college students! Not only is she very attractive and highly intelligent, but there is something else that often works in her favor.

Sandra happens to be a witch. In a way, people that she has shrunken have seen both sides of her – from the classy side to even the bitchy side if they had it coming. For Josh, he absolutely was deserving of the bitchy side….but eventually ended up experiencing Sandra’s classy side which also tormented him and in an interesting way, his senses as well. But not everyone that’s been shrunk by Sandra ended up with such a luxury as to be a slave – a simple tool that she would use for her enjoyment. Many other men that she has shrunk still lurk about the floors of the college only to have to fend for their lives. Many of them, thus far, have died horribly while others have endured unspeakable pain with attempts at getting their revenge on Sandra. We could possibly use the former dean as an example. One day, he was caught trying to charge Sandra with a toothpick. It’s quite simple as he tried to stab her right foot on a hot summer’s day, seeing that she had on a pair of flat sandals and was grading papers in her classroom alone. The poor ex dean met his fate unexpectedly. When Sandra noticed his tiny form scurrying about the floor like a roach, she decided that it would only be fair that she treated him as one…..by simply raising her right sandal clad foot and crushing him like the bug he appeared to be. As a warning to any tiny life that sought such an act, that sandal was placed in a closet in the classroom near a hole that Sandra suspected that they would enter and exit through. She was right and numerous tiny beings were terrified at the disgusting site of their former dean’s remains being stuck to the sole like old hardened chewing gum. These men she shrunk were either former students or janitors that she just couldn’t stand. They were forced to see the ex dean rot through the years with this having taken place three years ago.

As for Josh, his situation appeared a bit different…………..


“Help me. Somebody help…..get me out of here,” Josh cried. It was rather late Monday evening. Having been shrunk by his English teacher, Josh was immediately placed in one of Sandra’s thigh high nylons. He was terrified and utterly humiliated. Everything was just huge, even his teacher who was now of monstrous proportions. It was one thing to be trapped inside of her nylon, but it was another thing for that nylon to have been worn the entire day by his teacher. It was still sweat soaked and above all, the smell just made him want to vomit in the worst way. For some reason, he just couldn’t wrap his finger around the words that she left him with, shortly after placing him into his nylon cell. “GET USE TO YOUR VIEW LITTLE ONE……THIS IS HOW YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE THE OUTSIDE WORLD…..FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.” This is what Sandra shared with him right before blowing him a kiss and then tying the opened end of the nylon to the door handle of the door to her bedroom. She then got dressed into a different skirt, a white top and a pair of high heeled sandals – this of course done after she had just stepped out of the shower and giving him the peepshow of his life. This wasn’t a privilege at all and all though Josh was able to see the beauty of his tormentor’s nakedness, he was sure that she had no intentions of entertaining him. He pleaded and pleaded at this point for Sandra to turn him back to normal and let him go…..but she did nothing of the sort. In fact, she threatened to place him inside a boot if he didn’t shut up. Josh immediately silenced himself only because he felt that her boots were probably smellier than the nylon he was imprisoned in.

Once Josh heard the front door slam, his cries for help continued again. Unbeknownst to him, there was no one in the house that could possibly help him at all…….at least not to get free. Josh was suddenly calming down, his thoughts of hope and freedom were soon evaporating and his manly like courage was soon broken as well. He was almost what Sandra would consider “fit” for what she had in store for him. “I wish I had never snooped through her belongings,” Josh said as he began to whine. “Hey dude can you please shut up. It’s not like you’re going to escape or anything so just deal with it. At least you don’t have to go through what I go through,” Josh heard. Josh suddenly stopped his whining and began to look from side to side and all around. He had just heard these words but didn’t at all see the source. He wiped the tears from his eyes to see if it would make a difference with his vision. Still, he saw no one. It was a little hard to make out anything thanks to his position where he could only look on to the outside world through hosiery. He knew enough that the sound of the voice came from beneath him. But it made no sense at all since all that he saw was a shoe. The source, as he was able to make out Josh looking for him, was about to reveal the “very place” that he was trapped in himself. “Hey asshole I’m beneath you. Blah, blah, blah….blah, blah, blah, blah,” the man said. He kept saying “blah, blah, blah” to get Josh’s attention. It was then that Josh noticed, as he looked beneath his nylon prison, a black flat moving somewhat from side to side as the words were uttered. “Yeah….finally you have found me,” the man said. “WHAT THE FUCK,” Josh cried. “Shut up and pay attention and pay attention well. Stop your ridiculous crying right now. At least you are just trapped in a nylon and don’t have to live your life as some fat bitches shoe – damn musty whore,” the man said. “What…..but this is impossible! How the hell are you even alive,” Josh asked. It was like he was too overwhelmed to ask the right questions. “Well first of all, let’s just say that you are the lucky one. At least you get to be used by a sexy vivacious woman. Me, well, I get sick and tired of her fat ass friend who pisses me off each day. I am sick of that woman’s feet,” the man said.

The man went on and on about how much he hated belonging to another woman and how lucky Josh was to be a slave to Sandra. What didn’t make any sense to him was another woman’s shoe being in Sandra’s bedroom. This is where the questions began to fall more in line with the situation. “Wait a second. Who is this other woman you keep talking about,” Josh asked. “It’s her best friend Mia…..and of course Mia is unfortunately my ex girlfriend. I really don’t know what I was doing with that fat jip. They had a sleepover last night. Mia got a little drunk and fell asleep on the floor. She left for work from here and left me here in the bedroom. I guess the matching shoe is somewhere else in this bedroom. It isn’t like me at all – for no one is occupying that shoe yet. Like I said, you’re lucky. This fat bitch wears these black flats every day, usually with the backs bent down and under her heel. My whole face (not to mention nose) is all on the inner portions of this stinking shoe. It smells – every day I have to deal with this bitches bare right foot. So I don’t want to hear you complaining or crying about being a slave to a sexy bombshell when I have to deal with this major fat ass whore’s scent every day. So shut the fuck up,” the man said. Josh was a little angered towards the man (shoe’s) outburst. “Hey look man, you didn’t have to respond like that. It smells in here too so I sure hope you don’t think that you are the only one suffering here,” Josh said. “Oh sure! Well, just so you know, Sandra only wears hosiery during work. She works as a teacher five days out of the week which of course I am sure that you already know. As for Mia the bitch, well she works part time……and usually with me on her foot with the other shoe. We are her favorite shoes. And to make matters worse, she even wears us when she goes shopping and hangs out with friends. At least you won’t have to worry about dealing with her funky feet each day…..shit head,” the man said.

The two just argued and argued. In away, this argument would have been amusing to both Mia and Sandra. But that’s the thing. The spell that Sandra cast on any man (that is should they be turned into an object or something other than human), left them without a voice that could be heard by those living a life of normalcy. Interesting enough, since Josh wasn’t living a normal life anymore though still a keeper of his human faculty and essence, he was still a product of Sandra’s magic. This is why he was able to hear “the talking shoe” loud and clear. This man was none other than Mia’s ex boyfriend Curtis. Mia, knowing all about Sandra’s magical ability, would have never dreamed of torturing any man as Sandra did……until Curtis did the unthinkable and hurt her feelings and broke her heart. Mia, feeling that her heart had been trampled and stomped on, tried to come up with something similar to do the Curtis. She simply felt that since he trampled her feelings….maybe he should have to endure the same feeling so that he could understand to treat women far better than how he treated her. Mia immediately ran to a JC Pennies store not far from her home, bought a cheap pair of black stretch like flat loafers and then begged Sandra to turn Curtis into one of them. Sandra knew exactly why only after Mia had told her how she felt. It amused her – and with little thought about it or regards for the fact that Curtis had children, she just gave Mia her wish and turned him into one of the flats she purchased. At first, Mia was only planning on keeping Curtis like this – long enough to where she felt that just maybe he had learned his lesson. It then dawned on her how much better the right shoe felt than the left…..and Mia was so hoping that she could find the right asshole to have transformed into the left shoe. She just felt that it had to be a person that was deserving of such treatment. As for her ex boyfriend, well, she had two words in mind about his position in life – “fuck him.”

“Look man….I don’t know why we are even arguing. Maybe it would serve us better to figure out a way out of this crap,” Josh said. Surprisingly, as macho as Curtis sounded, after Josh had made his last statement about figuring a way out, Curtis could be heard crying. “There is no way out you moron…..we are stuck like this. For all I know, once this fat bitch gets tired of me, as well as my matching shoe, we are going to end up on ebay – perhaps sold to some sick freak with a foot fetish,” Curtis cried. It was really a sad situation – and what Josh didn’t figure out was the fact that Sandra had placed him above Mia’s shoe on purpose. She felt that maybe Curtis could offer his testimony to his position in life and in so doing, perhaps it would better prepare Josh for slavery. Thus far, it was actually working despite Josh’s plans for escape. Already in his mind, he was thinking on what he could possibly do to please his new tormentor/owner in hopes that she would treat him fairly.

“My goodness man…..how long have you been like this,” Josh asked. “I have lost count of the years. All I can do is endure the terrible blows from when Mia’s foot would strike the floor or ground. All I can do is just bare her enjoyment – her walks about work and of course a foot funk that just remains. Life sucks man,” Curtis said. “Well, I suppose your right. What I don’t understand is how these women could be so cruel. I mean, I know that I was shrunk because I snooped around in Sandra’s briefcase. Sure I deserved to be punished – but this is extreme. I don’t know about what it’s like to be around feet…..not at this size anyway…..but something tells me that I am going to find out soon,” Josh said. “Oh trust me lucky one….you will. I remember the last foot toy that Sandra had….and the one before that. Both of them are dead now – one flushed down the toilet after being pissed on only because he pissed Sandra off. The other unfortunate subject made a run in her pantyhose in an attempt to escape. I actually thought the little bastard was going to make it in which he was almost at the front door….I know because I was kicked off there by Mia. Sandra was so angry with that little bastard that she ended up turning him into a pair of cheap pantyhose that was a size smaller. This gave her a chance to cause a run in him…..that pretty much killed him. And as if that wasn’t enough, she went so far to make sure that he made it to the trash incinerator so that he could be burn to nothing. Poor bastard was a professional football player. I’m telling you man, you better be focused on pleasing Sandra or else you will suffer death as all the other subjects did that she was fed up with. Come to think of it, rumor has it that only one has survived….whoever he is,” Curtis said.

Suddenly, both Curtis and Josh heard the front door open. “Oh shit! She’s home. Maybe I can convince her to let us go,” Josh said. “Oh don’t bother. It’s not Sandra I can assure you of that. It’s Mia. You just remember what I told you. My name is Curtis by the way……and…..good luck,” Curtis said. “Well, sorry we met under such humiliating circumstances. My name is Josh and……ahhhhhh -,” Josh said as he was cut off. Mia had pushed the bedroom door opened, not really paying attention to Josh who she did in fact hear talking as she came up the steps into Sandra’s bedroom. She happened to be on the cell phone speaking with Sandra. Sandra had mentioned that he was inside the nylon and hanging from the doorknob of the bedroom door. Once Mia walked into the room, Josh heard Curtis scream but soon silenced….sort of like muffled. His world shook again as the door was closed slightly. At that moment, he could see clearly why Curtis was no longer able to speak. He finally saw Mia – the plus sized woman that Curtis mentioned earlier – carrying a pair of high heels in her right hand and looking around the bedroom for something. Josh looked down towards her feet and happened to notice something familiar. It was the “shoe man” that had been talking to him earlier….on the right foot of its owner Mia. It just so happens that Mia was looking for her other flat, and this Josh realized once she slipped her left foot into the shoe just by Sandra’s bed. “Yeah girl, work was terrible today. I think that I have found the right person for you to turn into my left shoe. I will pay you if I have to. My left foot is now jealous of my right…ha, ha, ha (Mia laughing). I had to stop by the house and get my shoes though because I have to work another shift and these high heels are killing me. I heard your new little friend talking when I came in so I assumed he was talking to Curtis’s stankin’ ass. Speaking of which I might get some of that new Dr. Scholls powder…..when I get around to it,” Mia said. Josh couldn’t believe it – seeing how Curtis seemed to fit so nicely to Mia’s plump bare foot. In fact, it was a little too nice since the shoe seemed to be wider on the foot of this plus size chic. Once the shoes were on her feet, she left the bedroom and began to proceed out of Sandra’s house not paying him any attention at all. Josh couldn’t believe his eyes…..nor could he believe how easily Mia was tormenting Curtis as if he wasn’t shit.

Hours had gone by and it was beginning to get dark. Josh couldn’t hear anything throughout the entire house. He began to wonder if there was anything else in the house that had once been human…..but he heard no cries of help at all – nor cries of despair. At the same time, the smell from the nylon was beginning to take its toll on him. Mind you, for any normal human being they would probably not smell at all. Usually, whenever Sandra would shrink someone, they would not only be made more durable but their senses would also be increased. His sense of smell was so incredible now that he wished he didn’t have it…..for he was beginning to fade in and out of consciousness. In fact, thanks to the overwhelming scent he was starting to see red and green dots. It was like he had been placed in some sort of torture chamber. And to make matters worse, and of course unknown to Josh, Sandra was just pulling up into her driveway……

To be continued…………

By Jason Reed