Story: Samantha and the Expander

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Samantha and the Expander

By Vaalser4

AUTHOR's NOTE: If you're not into scat, you might find a part of this story offensive. Hence this note. The rest is a lot of growth, giantess, rampage, crushing and killing. Enjoy, and tell me what you think of it!

Chapter 1

"All right, it's ready for testing!"
John was happy. After many months of intensive work, he finally completed the machine.
"OK, let's do it then," Samantha said. "I've waited long enough."
It had been eight months since John started to construct what he called an "Expander," a device that made it possible to increase size. Although Samantha didn't believe this at first, John earned her trust when he agreed to sign a contract, under a notary's supervision, obliging him he would pay Samantha back every single penny she invested in the machine if it didn't work.
John was an unemployed quantum physicist, Samantha a wealthy daughter of a retired couple of businesspersons. The two had met at an internet forum for giantess fans. They quickly befriended each other, chatting long hours in private, and finally met. It was easily done, since they lived in the same city, Los Angeles.

Samantha was a formidable, 23-year old woman, with a big belly, thick legs and a huge ass. Grey eyes, brown hair reaching halfway down her back, a thickish face. Pretty, but not beautiful. She looked like a hard rock-loving girl. Samantha always wanted to be a giantess, but she knew, or at least she thought so, it wouldn't be possible. She always presumed such a creature couldn't exist, so when this John told her he knew of a way to make her gigantic, she didn't believe him. A crazy guy mixing up fantasy with reality. But he had an interesting theory to increase size, and Samantha decided to take the risk an invest a good deal of her money in the construction of this Expander, even if she understood less than half of what John explained about its way of working.

There was a reason she took this risk. Samantha's life experiences had made her crave for power, along with a deep loathing of society, apart from her wish to be a giantess.
As a kid, she was teased at school because she was rather plump. Not really fat, but very chubby, even more prominent because of her now 6-foot frame. She had always been a pariah, having no friends.
After school, she never got a "real" job, only sometimes a few weeks here and there, because she didn't have any qualifications. Samantha never studied anything, because she didn't care. Studying was something for the brother, Louie.
The two siblings had never been close. As a matter of fact, they despised each other. Louie never liked Samantha because she was, in his eyes, a competitor for their parents' love, attention and not the least, wealth. Louie was the "businessman" of the two, having studied Economics, and it was no surprise he took over the firm when their parents retired. Samantha loathed Louie because of his attention drawing, avarice, his arrogant manner and his brown-nosing. She felt he made their parents turn away from her, even though she had no hard evidence. Samantha was sure Louie spoke as negative as possible about her, hoping he would be the only one getting the family’s wealth.
In love affairs, Samantha fared no better. For one and a half year she had a boyfriend, a guy named Ralph. Two months ago, they split up, after having had more and more quarrels over the last weeks. Ralph had called Samantha a fat bitch in their final argument and she still hated him for it.
Her parents never cared for their daughter's troubles, they were too busy with their work, and if they had been at home, her brother claimed them. At least, that's how she felt about it. Wronged by everyone, and craving to get even.

All this let to Samantha fleeing in fantasies, resulting in her imagining herself to be gigantic, rampaging and killing. She loved that thought, being powerful and independent.

After their parents retired and moved away, Samantha demanded Louie to pay her a large sum of cash, because she was, by contract and law, entitled to take over part of the firm as well. He was reluctant at first to pay her money to drop her claim to the firm, but when Samantha threatened to go to court, he paid. They hadn't had contact ever since.

And now she was here in John's house, standing in a small chamber. She had used most of her money to buy John the materials he needed, and today she was about to find out if it had been a wise move. John tried to explain everything to her again, and although Samantha wasn't stupid, she simply didn't know what to make of the theory.

John said the universe expanded all the time, and therefore, space expanded. He had found a way to expand a small portion of space at a different speed at will.

"As I told you before, space can be folded and unfolded like a piece of paper, expanded or deflated like a balloon. The Expander does exactly that, it expands space. No matter what is in the space it expands, that something will expand with it. I just have to scan whatever I want to expand, and by twisting this dial here, I can make it bigger or smaller. It's as easy as adjusting the brightness level on a monitor, or increasing a picture on the computer screen," he said turning the machine on. Samantha still didn't know what to think of it, but it didn't matter. If only she could become gigantic. That was her fantasy, a secret fantasy, John the only other person knowing of it, since she used a nickname on the internet forum. This fantasy of hers had expanded itself too, she now also dreamed of getting even with Ralph since they split up.

"But what if I am attacked?", she asked for the dozenth time. "Are you certain I'll be invulnerable?"

"Yes, yes," John replied wearily. "Because I expand the part of the universe your body is in, your body is taken partially out of space, so to speak. You'll be able to interact with the rest of the world, but in a certain way the world won't be able to interact with you. You can only "feel" what you want to feel. In other words," John said as he saw Samantha's puzzled look, "no weapon can harm you. No bullets, shells or whatever. They'll fly right through you. It is as if you're a ghost or something.... It just works like a semi-transparent glass. You can look through it from one side, but if you turn it, you cannot anymore. I can harm you, you can't harm me", he concluded. "And now step in the Expander's scanning chamber. We can finally begin!"

"OK...." Samantha, still no wiser, entered the chamber. John started the scanning sequence, which would take about 15 minutes. Then he told her the expanding of space, and thus her growth, could begin. He already told her the Expander could make her grow even if she was not in the chamber anymore, only the data from the scan were important. As long as they were stored in the machine's computer, Samantha could grow, and shrink too, no matter where she was.

"Begin," she said, excited. Would it be true? Would she become a real giantess?

John slowly turned the dial. Samantha, much to her surprise, started to grow, clothes and all. She inched up, reaching 6'5 within half a minute. She became bigger, more massive, expanding in all directions with each passing second.
She reached 7 feet when John stopped her growth, since the chamber was now hardly big enough to contain her. Samantha left it and looked at her impressive bulk. Her head was 5 inches below the ceiling. Her belly, never that big but always quite prominent protruded a full foot more than before, her feet were easily size 13. How much would she weigh now? Maybe 500 lbs? 750?

"WOW!", she exclaimed. "It worked! That fucking machine worked! Look at me! I'm...I'm a giantess! A real giantess!" Samantha didn't know what so say. She was truly big and overjoyed.

"And that is just the beginning," John grinned. "I can expand the space indefinitely. Imagine how big you can be. Many miles if you please. Then you can call yourself a giantess!"

Samantha grinned and rubbed her hands in anticipation. "Yes, I want more," she said. "But wait, I'll go outside, otherwise I would burst through the ceiling!"

"OK," John said and waited until he saw Samantha in the garden in front of his house.

"All right, John," she said, standing by the window. "First, I want to take revenge on Ralph, I told you about him. Grow me to...9 feet? Is that possible?"

"Of course! You want 9 feet? You get 9 feet!", John said and turned the dial.

Instantly, Samantha grew again. She slowly gained height, mass, width. She reached 8 feet, half a foot higher than the ceiling was. Slowly she crept up further and further, until she reached her desired height of 9 feet. She was even more impressive now, a true juggernaut to behold. She was even able to peek into the windows of the first floor without standing on tiptoe. This was great!
"I could, with a little training, win every wrestle or sumo match," she thought to herself. John looked at her with lust in his eyes. Samantha gave him a thumbs up and left. Ralph was in for a surprise!

Chapter 2

Too large for a car or bike and not wanting to take public transit, Samantha went on foot. Ralph lived half an hour's walk from John's place, and while she strolled towards Ralph's, Samantha was getting quite some attention. People looked up at her 9-foot frame, holding hands before their mouths, pointing at her and taking pictures with their phones. Samantha didn't care and ignored them. She had her mind fixed on Ralph.
A guy who begged for a picture with her repeatedly was firmly shoved away, which made Samantha marvel at her strength. She only gave him a little push, but the annoying man flew four feet through the air, landing in the shrubs.

Finally arriving at Ralph's house, Samantha threw her full weight against the door, smashing it to splinters. In the entrance hall, she could stand upright, since she knew its ceiling was 10 feet high. Ralph came running around a corner, alarmed by the noise the smashing of the door made, only to encounter a gigantic Samantha, looking down at him, hands on her hips.

"Hi Ralph, my dear," she said. "It's payback time. You called me a fat bitch, eh? I'll give you something fat!"

Before a baffled Ralph could reply, Samantha was on him. She grabbed him under his armpits, easily lifting him up, and carried him to a wall, after having kicked a small decorative table and the vase that stood upon it aside.
Samantha pinned Ralph against the wall with her now enormous belly. It jutted out at least 2,5 feet, a lot even compared to her 9-foot body. The sheer mass of her belly prevented Ralph from moving or pushing it away as the combined strength of his arms, back and legs was no match for it.
Samantha put her hands on her hips again, looking down at the still squirming guy three feet below her eyes. He was like an insect caught between two thin pieces of glass, ready to be examined under a microscope.

"Not so cheeky now, are you, bastard?", she said. "Perhaps I should grow a little more, so I can eat you? Or do you want to be squished against the wall by my paunch? Imagine, killed by a woman's belly, while she takes a deep breath. Your ribcage will give in, your skull will crack, and blood will be running out of your mouth. Yes, I really would like to know what is tougher...the wall, your body or mine. Let's see what gives in first."

Samantha stepped slowly closer to the wall, as close as she could. Ralph felt her vast flesh pressing harder and harder against his body. He tried to hit her, but it was useless. His punches made the enormous belly wobble, that was all. Samantha's abdomen, covered by a 2,5 feet thick layer of lard, absorbed his blows with ease. She didn't feel anything as she kept increasing the pressure. Then, Ralph felt a sharp pain in his chest as a rib broke. He cried to scream, but his cries were muffled by Samantha's smothering bulk. Another rib broke, and another. Just as Samantha predicted, he felt blood coming up his throat, just before he blacked out. Samantha, now as close to the wall as possible, straightened her back while inhaling deeply. Her mass was too much for the wall to resist and, instead of shoving her back, it gave way. With a loud rumble, the wall caved in, bricks and mortar crumbling. The now mangled corpse of Ralph fell through the large hole her belly created, covered by debris.

Samantha rubbed herself clean of dust and small stones. "Now you can call me a fat bitch, bastard! Neither your wall, nor your pathetic frail frame is a match for my bulk! You should be careful whom you insult!" Samantha left the house, not even giving Ralph a last look, and headed back towards the lab.

"You killed him? Just like that?" John asked in disbelief. Samantha was back to 6 feet now, as she had asked John to do.

"Yes, just like that. I first felt his body break, then the wall. No competition for my meat," she said, pounding her belly. This had felt good. Samantha started to discover her sadistic vein, and soon, the world would as well.

John whistled through his teeth. This woman really was serious.

"But tell me, " Samantha continued, "can you increase the size of the machine itself as well?"

"Sure, I can scan the machine itself, and then it can be increased too."

"And shrunk, so one could carry it?"

"Yes. Ah, I see. You want to take it with you, so you can grow and shrink whenever you like, eh?"

"Yep." Samantha smiled. "I thought of this. Shrink the machine to a size I can put it in a ring. Every time I twist the dial, the machine and I grow or shrink simultaneously. This way, you and I don't have to remain in contact if I'm out there and want to change my size. Suppose anyone finds out what and who causes my growth, the police or an angry mob might come to get you."

John thought for a while. If he wanted to see Samantha rampage, and he wanted that, having her control her growth was better indeed. He told her many times he loved violent, crushing and rampaging giantesses, not the gentle ones. And what she said made sense. What if somebody would find out it was his work? It was better indeed to give Samantha control over her growth.

"All right, I'll scan the Expander itself first. Then I'll shrink it, combine the two scanning data in my computer here, and everything will be just like you want it."

"And the dial?" It had to be larger than the Expander, since I have to twist it."

"Yes, I'll scan the dial too, after I shrink the machine. Then scan them both. You'll have a large dial in the end, connected to a small Expander, which will grow and shrink you and them if you want to. Yes, that's how we do it. Oh, they'll be invulnerable as well, just as you are. And before I forget, your clothes will always grow and shrink, no matter if you wear them or not. Even if you leave them somewhere, they'll change their size whenever you use the Expander. Everything scanned will, no matter where it is."

John started to work, watched by an excited Samantha. She was fantasizing what she was going to do once she was a really huge giantess. She would get revenge on Louie, and then...the world would be her playground. The humans her puppets, nothing more than material to satisfy her needs, fulfill her fantasies. Somehow, she felt this was the goal of the planet. Build cities, found civilizations, only for her to play with. Samantha took a deep breath. Yes, that was her destiny. And Earth's.

Chapter 3


John had only needed an hour. The scans were complete, and now the Expander as well as its dial were re-sized into the proportions Samantha wanted. The Expander was a little bigger than a pearl, the dial had the size of a dime. John had embedded them firmly in a ring Samantha already wore, which now graced her finger again.

"Excellent," Samantha said. "Now then, let's go outside and start growing!"

Samantha and John did. In front of his garage next to house, they halted. "Here we have plenty of room. Let's give it a big spin," John said, and Samantha could see a small tent in his trousers.

Samantha did, and started to grow again. The ring with the Expander and the dial grew as well. Everything worked perfectly.

Samantha grew quickly. She found out that she could accelerate her growth by twisting the dial more. John had been quite careful with her growth. She was not.
The house descended before her eyes, as if a balloon took her up in the sky. She felt the air rushed along her body as she gained height. She grew and grew and grew.
John took a couple of steps back. Samantha's belly ascended before his face, then her groin. To him, it looked as if he came closer to Samantha while bending down. Samantha rose to 30 feet, then 40, then 50. And still she grew. Her now enormous weight made little cracks in the ground, her shoes sank a full foot in the asphalt. "How much would she weigh," John thought as she reached 60 feet. His dick was stiff already, and he felt pre-cum leaking in his pants.
Samantha stopped at 70 feet. She was truly colossal now, a large behemoth of human meat, dressed in her black T- shirt, jeans, blue socks and instep-shoes. She looked around her, marveling at the sight. She could see a good deal of LA, and already saw a few people look at her, pointing and making gestures of fear and disbelief. "You are just experiencing the beginning," Samantha thought.

Looking down, she saw a drooling John standing at her now huge feet, each 1,5 time as long as his body.

"How do I look?", Samantha asked, taking a model's stand.

"Great! Awesome! You are...fantastic!" John was full of lust, Samantha could see that even from her current height. "Now go, my titaness, and show the world who is boss!"

Samantha grinned. Then, she suddenly bent over and grabbed John. He was about the size of a small action figure to her. Samantha was not only huge now, but extremely strong too. She already noticed her might increased when she was 9 feet, but now, at 70 feet, her strength was enormous. She could lift a grown up man with one hand as if he weighted no more than half a pound.

Samantha brought John to her face. He look puzzled at her.

"Not so fast, my dear," she said. "I'll have to take care of you first. I want the world for myself, and you are a danger to me. So I'll kill you first."

"What?", John said in disbelief. What had gotten into her?

"Did you think I don't know you could build another Expander? And grow yourself, or another girl? No, I don't want any competition. The world will be mine and mine alone. You are a risk, and I'm not willing to take any risk. Therefore, you'll have to die!" Samantha grinned maliciously. "And I won't see you lusting and masturbating while ogling my gigantic body."

John was taken aback. He never expected this. Had she gone mad?


"No "buts", worm! That what I wanted to take the Expander with me for, so I alone can control my grow and rule the world! Neither you, nor anyone else will be in my way! But since you fulfilled my dream, I'll make your death pleasant. You like crushing giantesses, right?", Samantha grinned. She put John on the ground and pinned him with her foot. The other one she lifted up and, supporting herself with one hand on his houses' roof, removed her shoe and sock. Then she switched her feet, having John trapped now under her barefoot. She let his head poke through her first two toes. Her big toe's nail was long, from her point of view it protruded 1,5 inch from her big toe's tip. For John, it was like an enormous blade, a full foot long, able to slice his head of with ease. John saw Samantha looking down at him, his head wedged firmly between her huge toes. Lying on the ground, she looked even more enormous, as if a lighthouse was gazing down upon him.

"Here, have your fill," Samantha said. "Bye, John, and thank you, hahaha!"

As she finished speaking, she shifted her huge weight so the foot trapping John was carrying it all. John, even though about to die, felt lust as Samantha's huge foot was upon him. He came, just when Samantha crushed him. He had a vague sense of his ribs craving in, but Samantha killed him so quickly he didn't feel any pain. His fragile body splattered under her huge weight, bones breaking like dry twigs and innards turning to mincemeat.
Samantha then placed her foot on his entire body so his head was covered as well by her sole, then let his remains carry her mass again. She felt his skull break like an eggshell under the ball of her foot. She grinded her foot for good measure, smearing John's remains over the asphalt. Samantha wiped her foot clean on the meadow next to his house and put her sock and shoe back on. Kissing the ring with the Expander, Samantha left the area.
"Now I am free!", she thought. "Beware, world, Samantha the giantess is coming! Your new Empress!"

Chapter 4

Gazing over the buildings standing in the area, Samantha saw her brother's company building about three miles away. She knew it was 160 feet tall, so she decided to grow a little more. Twisting the dial, her already impressive body inflated as the space expanded. She reached 100 feet, now towering over John’s house as if it was a toy. She broadened, her enormous belly and ass became even more massive, the cracks in the asphalt increased. She reached 120 feet, 140, 160. "A little more, she thought, her eyes still focused on the firm. People screamed as they saw her rising, reaching a 180 feet as Samantha stopped. It would do. For the time.

She headed for the building, caring nothing about the mayhem she caused on the ground. Her huge black shoes crushed everything they trod upon, as nothing could withstand the uncalculatable mass of flesh they carried. The 35 feet long and 12 feet wide soles flattened three cars simultaneously, leaving nothing but colored plates of metal in a footprint. Samantha stepped on a house, her feet crushing roughly one-half of it. It crumbled with a loud crunch into dust, leaving the other half standing like a ruin. Trees fell under her feet as if they were twigs and flowers, while people not fast enough to evade her where simply squished with each footfall.
A large truck, 12 tons itself, drove into her heel and folded like an accordion. Samantha didn't even feel it. To the people, she looked like a gigantic moving mountain, uncaring, immoral, killing and demolishing. No one could outrun her as she walked the streets of LA, leaving footprints in the street filled with car wrecks, splintered trees and red splotches. The last thing many people saw that day was a huge sole, made of black rubber smeared with dirt and red goo, descending on them. Then they were squished, being no bigger to Samantha than grasshoppers. After a while, she reached her goal.

Samantha stood in front of the company's office. She could from her current height of 180 feet look down upon it, it's roof hardly reaching her throat.

"Louie!", she boomed. "Come out, I know you're in there!"

For good measure, she slammed her flat hand a couple of times on the roof, shaking the upper floors and shattering a window or two.

"Brother Louie, Louie, Louie!", she repeated.

Some people came running out of the building, screaming, panicking. Louie was not among them, however. Samantha grew impatient and angry.

"LOUIE!", she spat. "Come out, or this building is debris within a minute. I'll tear it apart and kill every living soul I encounter if you don't come out! And I mean it," she said, stomping her foot on a bus, making in flatter than a penny and boring it two feet deep into the street.

Ten seconds later, Louie came out of the building. Samantha looked down at him with hatred as he stumbled across the street, looking at his sister with disbelief.

"You goddamn shit!", Samantha said. "You've bothered me my entire life! Today it's payback time! Ralph is dead already, now it's your turn! But first, this little dollhouse here." She twisted the dial again, after having warned Louie to stay, "or else...".

Samantha grew further. She rose higher and higher, reaching 200 feet, then 250. Louie watched with his eyes wide open, his jaw dropping every second his sister increased in size. He stumbled back and fell on his ass when she reached 300 feet. Samantha had always been a chubby girl, but the palace of flesh rising in front of him was beyond fat. It was monstrous!
She shot further up, expanded in all directions, her feet slowly bending a light pole by mere growing. It crashed to the ground, the glass shattering, as she reached 400 feet. And still she didn't stop growing. Her belly was now nearly as big as the building, which hardly reached her knees as she reached 450 feet. Samantha stopped her growth, twisting the Expander she still wore on the ring on her finger.
Then, looking at Louie while making an innocent face, she simply sat down upon the office. Her enormous ass covered the entire roof, but the building didn't collapse under her weight because Samantha still supported herself with her feet.
Still looking down at her brother, she slowly let the office carry more and more of her immense weight. This made windows shatter, a handful each second. Steel beams shrieked, plaster and concrete cracked. As she shifted more weight from her feet to her ass, the building's upper floor slowly gave in. The three floors beneath it followed. Samantha's ass sank lower and lower through the floor, like a slow motion movie of a martial artist breaking several boards in one chop. The office building crumbled under her weight, rumbling, crunching. Dust and debris flew everywhere, smashing into nearby buildings and covering cars and people. Never taking her eyes off Louie, who stood watching aghast, she finally hit the ground.

Samantha destroyed the entire office just by sitting on it.

Samantha shifted her weight from one butt cheek to the other, still looking innocent. The leftovers of the building were cut up further.

She stood up, wiped her jeans and grabbed Louie. She was quite quick, she had him scooped up before he had time to get up and run away. Samantha felt him wriggle in her hand, he was about an inch tall from her point of view. She started to walk, again not looking nor caring where she planted her feet, each now easily ten times as long as a normal person's body.
People ran but they were not able to outrun the steady walking behemoth and ended under her feet as red slime. Honking cars were flattened by dozens each minute, looking like dinky toys being hit by a hydraulic press.
Samantha felt great. It made her hot, her many, many tons of flesh being able to kill and destroy everything she placed her feet on. Under the four feet thick rubber soles of her shoes everything yielded, from traffic signs to trees, from small newspaper stalls to fences and walls. Samantha's footfalls left nothing intact. Even the pavement's tiles and the asphalt of the street cracked like dry cookies. Samantha played deaf for the cries and screams she heard from below.
She scanned the area and saw a large park in the distance. It was perfect for her plans with her despised brother. Not taking any detours, she headed straight towards it, her 19 feet thick calves slamming right through the larger buildings that stood in her way like an enormous, tube-shaped wrecking ball. As she reached the park, she bent down with her free hand, which she shaped like a claw and swung it over the trees as if she was tearing large blades of grass from a meadow. She uprooted more than a hundred full-grown pines, oaks and beaches in less than a minute, never giving the place where they landed as much as a thought. Her mind was bent on Louie alone. After she made a nice clearing, she uprooted a dead, Y- shaped tree with no leaves that still stood. She placed Louie with his back on the ground, using the tree to pin him in place. It held his body firmly to the ground, the two Y-shaped branches were thicker than his arms. Samantha crossed hers and looked down on Louie.

Then, using her thumb, she twisted the dial again. She gave it a big spin, making her body grow at the quickest pace yet. Before Louie's tortured eyes, she grew and grew and grew, like a doomsday machine coming to punish him.
500 feet. Her shoes, like to black walls, slowly gaining more and more ground around Louie's pinned body, blocking out more and more sunlight.
600 feet. Samantha's legs were thicker than the thickest tree trunk, the cloth of her jeans making them appear even thicker. And still she grew.
700 feet. Samantha showed no sign of stopping. She gazed down on Louie, who felt like an ant being approached by a human.
800 feet and rising. "Please stop...please...", Louie silently whined, but Samantha didn't hear him. Nor would she obey if she did.
900 feet. She was a colossus beyond compare now. What could probably stand against her?
Reaching a thousand feet, Samantha stopped and took another deep breath. The fabric of her black T-shirt stretched, making her stupendous belly, now the size of a hill, jut out even more than it already did. Nothing would be able to carry the weight of that huge layer of flesh and lard, but she simply took it with her like nothing. It was part of her, making her appearance even more impressive.

"Right, little brother," her voice thundered from the sky. "Today is payback time, as I told you already. Always sucking up to mom and dad, only to lay your hands on their firm. You always spoke badly of me, and in the end, you succeeded in making them turn away from me. You are a god dam brown-noser. But now, I'll give you something brown!"

Louie, struggling to no avail to get away, saw his sister turn around, lowering her pants, underwear and then her gargantuan ass on him. "NO!!!", he cried as he realized what she was about to do. "NO! Sam, no! I beg you! I...."

He never finished his sentence. Samantha, crouching, spread her butt cheeks with her hands and started to shit all over him. Tons and tons of muck emerged from her 8 feet long asshole, covering his entire body and a good deal of the area it was lying in, bending over the tree that pinned Louie as if it was a small blade of straw.
Louie didn't stand a chance. The sheer weight of the first piece of shit dropping on him made his ribs crack, causing agony. But screaming was not possible since her dirt covered his face almost immediately afterwards. Louie last thought was he was going to be smothered to death in the disgusting, foul smelling brown mass. But before he died of oxygen starvation, his body was simply crushed to death by his sister's waste sheer weight. Tons and tons of shit covered his body, crushing it to a pulp. Samantha had simply shitted her brother to death.

Chapter 5

Samantha used the Los Angeles River to wash her ass clean. A few people, hardly as big as her fingernail, stood looking at her in awe and fear. Following a sadistic whim, she scooped them up and dropped them in her 12 feet high pile of shit. She laughed as she watched them struggle in her waste. "Little maggots," she thought.
As she finished washing, Samantha tore another bunch of trees from the ground and dried her ass with their leaves. Just as she dropped them, she heard sirens and a helicopter, almost the moment she saw the latter. The small, hornet-sized craft hovered around her, about 30 feet from her face. Samantha read the word "police" on it, and without a second thought, clapped her hands together, smashing it like an insect. The chopper, or at least the thin metal plate it was now, fell smoking into the river.
Looking around her, Samantha spotted several police cars, driving towards her with howling sirens.
"This is going to be fun," she thought, and quickly put her underwear and pants back up. Samantha lost no more time, as soon as she was dressed she attacked the cars, the occupants of which hardly giving the opportunity to leave them. She stomped down on two or three at once, her enormous shoes crushing them like hollow robin's eggs.
The cops that were able to flee from their cars, were squished like cockroaches under her enormous soles, the huge layer of black rubber alone heavy enough to do so, let alone a 1000-foot tall mountain of meat pressing it down. Samantha picked up a single cop, but when she brought him to her face, she saw she squeezed too hard. He was dead, his blood running over her fingertips. Samantha grinned. Her strength was so vast. She had been able to pick up John with one hand, but now she could kill a person by merely bringing her fingertips together. She picked up another cop, carefully this time, and he remained alive. When she looked at him she saw the man was almost dying of fright, his many years of training to stay calm in the face of danger gone completely. Samantha took a deep breath, and put the tiny cop in one of her nose holes. Then she exhaled violently through it, closing the other one with her thumb. The cop, now covered in greenish slime, flew forcefully out, smashing into the ground within a split second. The green of Samantha's nose secretion mixed slowly with red.
She continued to stomp on the police cars, not caring about the bullets the police fired at her. They flew right through her, but neither Samantha nor the cops noticed. Samantha was too busy killing and crushing, the police too busy dodging or finding cover for her huge stomping shoes, each easily 150 feet long. No cover, however, was able to protect the cops. Cars and trees were smashed like nothing, ditches bored into the ground, police officers and all. Even the largest rocks crumbled like dried mud under Samantha's tremendous weight, as three policemen found out as they hid behind one. A mere pebble to her, now broken into countless charts, just as the police officer's bones.
She picked up the last intact police car between thumb and index finger and brought it to her eyes. She could see three little cops in it, their faces white with fear. Samantha grinned. Did they really think a car would provide enough protection? After having seen her crush them like empty nutshells? Slowly, Samantha squeezed her fingers together. The cops wanted to leave their car, though there was no place for them to go being nearly a thousand feet up in the air, but it was too late. The doors were jammed because of the buckling metal. They tried to hold the roof, which came caving in, at bay with their hands, but the combined strength of three policemen and the steel of their car was nothing compared to the might of Samantha's thumb and index finger. She brought them closer together, seeing the little men slowly turning to what looked like red salsa sauce. Mangling the car further, she twisted it into a ball and flicked it away like a piece of lint from under her fingernails.
"This is life," she thought, looking at the flat plates at her feet, to her the size of small coins, that were the police cars. "I am omnipotent. A goddess. Life owes me, and I'm going to collect."

Samantha looked at LA.

"You haven't seen nothing yet!", she cried, "I'll show you the meaning of big! Just you wait!", and headed for a place were everyone would be able to see her next move, including a new growth spurt.

Mount Lukens.

For a 1000-foot tall woman, even a heavy one like Samantha, climbing this mountain was no major feat, because it was little more than 5 times her height.
Samantha looked from the top of Mount Lukens at Los Angeles again. The scope was a bit blurry, because of the smog, but she could make out most of it anyway. She saw the skyscrapers of the Financial District as well as many patches of grey that were city blocks. Samantha grinned. "If you guys thought I was a disaster when 1000 feet tall", she thought to herself, "then what will you call me in a few minutes? Are you in for a surprise!"

Twisting the dial, she started to expand again. "You'll be hit by "The Big One", but it's not an earthquake!" she chuckled while growing.

Samantha grew. She had to take care not to loose her balance, since the top of the mountain quickly became to small for her to stand on. Samantha grew to 1200 feet in less than a minute. Reaching 1500 feet, she sat down on the mountain, her ass easily covering the entire summit. Samantha grew and grew. Many people in LA could see her slowly gaining height, at least it seemed slow from their distance. Her growth looked as if her body was being zoomed in on a picture of Mount Lukens. Samantha reached 2000 feet, 2500 feet, 3000 feet. The summit of the mountain was being flattened under her ever-increasing weight, her legs and feet sliding down its side, taking trees with them like a gigantic bulldozer.
4000 feet. Samantha was visible to nearly everyone in LA now, if they had a clear view towards Mount Lukens. People were panicking, crying, praying when they saw the giantess gaining more and more height, while grinning lustily towards the city. Many Angelenos wanted to flee, causing the roads and highways to be severely clogged. No trace anymore of LA's effective Freeway and Highway system, but a traffic pile of honking cars and hysterical people never seen before. All because of Samantha, who now was about as big as the mountain she was sitting on. And still she grew.
The Angelenos begged her to stop her growth. Samantha couldn't hear them, of course, but even if she wouldn't have stopped. People's hearts beat faster and faster, almost equally with her growth.

"O, my God!"

"Let her stop!"

"Where is this coming to?"

"We're doomed!"

Such things were heard all over the city, along with cars honking, people screaming, alarms and sirens howling. Samantha's legs were now almost as long as Mount Lukens had been high, meaning she was far more than a mile tall. But she didn't stop to grow. She wanted to be huge beyond compare. This city was going to be the first to be obliterated. The people down there, no, everywhere on Earth, were nothing to her anymore. Feeling a deep hatred towards them, Samantha continued gaining height, now passing the two-mile mark. Society had never done anything for her, at least that is how she felt it, and now she was going to take revenge. That, and the lust she felt being a giantess, made sure she would kill and destroy without remorse.
Three miles. Mount Lukens was being flattened like a pile of loose sand. Her feet, still in her now enormous shoes, were standing firmly on the ground. Like a huge black wall, they slowly expanded towards the outskirts of LA, crushing everything unlucky enough to be in their way. Houses, trees, small hills and of course people were obliterated by her footwear's mere presence and growth.
Four miles. Stopping her growth, Samantha stood up, like an Angel of Judgment before LA. Looking down at the city with an expression like an enormous bully who was about to beat a nerd up, she inhaled deeply. Samantha exhaled forcefully, the resulting gale clearing LA of the smog, but Samantha wasn't into environmental issues. She wanted a clear view of the city that was going to be debris under her shoes.

Chapter 6

Samantha walked towards downtown LA, stepping on scores of buildings, traffic and people without remorse. She left huge craters containing no life and surrounded by small canyons as a trail. Samantha 's shoes, now 3000 feet long with soles 200 feet thick, crushed entire city blocks at once. No building, not even the highest skyscraper, reached the top of her blue socks. It was Armageddon for LA, each time her feet hit the ground hundreds died, her shoes alone were heavy enough to squash whatever man or nature created without effort. But now these shoes also contained an enormous foot, connected to huge legs, each well over 2,5 mile long, rising impossible high up in the air, covered by jeans cloth 25 feet thick. An ass followed, a mile wide at least, millions of tons of assflesh, able to crunch an entire village just by touching it. This ass, able to shit a mountain, was only rivaled by her belly. Samantha's abdomen's length was 2500 feet from spine to navel, and it was the divine strength of her muscles alone that was able to carry it. Her breasts could cover an entire park, their mass turning the vegetation into a thin film of organic material, perhaps even into coal-like material. Broad shoulders, able to carry a mountain range. Her face, though average in appearance, could only be seen entirely from a plane, so high it was in the air. She sucked more oxygen into her enormous lungs than a sport stadium full of people, her strength of her nose simply sucked the lower, denser air up from below, so the rather thin air was no problem for her. Samantha was more than a superhuman. Her weight, strength, and not in the least vastness were beyond compare. A moving, walking mountain of meat, unfortunately one with a total lack of compassion and morale. That was what those shoes carried. That was what made them walk, each movement causing a catastrophe.
Samantha squashed the Financial District, where the highest buildings stood, in three footsteps. The skyscrapers crumbled as if the were made of thin sand, rotten paper or crystallized sugar. Windows shattered by the hundreds, smoke rose and debris flew in all directions. People tried to flee from the black doom descending upon them, trying to reach their cars, only to find out that her sole was too wide. Samantha crushed everything, skyscrapers, people and their parked cars, in a single step, only to lift her foot and step on another area of LA, with the same result. Nothing could escape her black monsters, they sank five dozen feet in the ground, pressing everything under them into a mix of tiny fragments and goo.
Samantha savored every crunching noise as she brought her feet down, imagining how the buildings slowly collapsed, cars flattened and people squished, unable to withstand her mass.
Samantha used her thumb to squish a fleeing mob of people, pressing the tinies to the ground by the scores. She saw them flee in all directions, trying to get away from her huge thumb, but it was to no avail. Moving her hands over the streets, she carelessly broke houses and stores apart as if it was a huge wrecking ball. Debris flew all over LA, stores and their wares rained down on the panicked people. It was hell.
Samantha lied down, her enormous belly flattening three districts. Ten of thousands of people died, the stupendous mass of flesh, covered by the cotton of her black T-shirt, coming down on them like a black sky. Nothing but Samantha was able to move her weight, carry her mass, and she used it to cause death and destruction.
"I want to feel it," she thought, "feel how life perished under my flesh. Yes, who would care if I were naked? I certainly don't. Let them awe at my meat, it'll be more impressive!"
Samantha started to undress. She dropped her shoes, each drop causing a small earthquake. It was followed by a warm gale of sweaty foot odor that robbed thousands of air, choking them to death. Her socks and pants followed, revealing calves nearly 800 feet wide, thighs fat beyond description. She could compress a small city between them with ease.
Her T-shirt and bra followed, making the tiny inhabitants cry and pray, now that they could see what a monstrous creature stood in their city. Her belly jutted out in a dimension not even the weirdest of fat women fetishists could ever dream of, her arms and hands were like to enormous extensions of doom. She was able to hold a small town in her hand, or destroy a building worth billions of dollars like Wilshire Grand Tower I with her thumb alone, as the Angelinos learned.
Samantha's thumb demolished the Tower as if it was made of eggshells, she pressed down without resistance until it was nothing but smoking debris. The highest building, the U.S. Bank Tower, fared no better. She put her mouth on the heli pad, then stuck her tongue out. Her huge tongue crashed through the floors, smashing then as if they were made of thin tarmac. The white stones made way for her wet, dark pink tongue, which was about as thick as the Bank Tower itself. Samantha spat the remains of the tower out of her mouth, they hit the neighborhood like a slimy grapeshot.
Her colossal bare feet crunched entire neighborhoods, they made the noise like Samantha was walking on gravel. Even her pinky toe was big enough to crush a dozen houses at once, the area of its toenail could serve as a tennis court. Samantha loved the feeling of crunching houses under her bare soles. It was like walking on fresh snow to her. The little houses, smaller even than monopoly houses, collapsed as soon as she touched them. Streets broke open, the enormous cracks swallowing people, cars and buildings alike. Honking cars were silenced en mass as she stepped on them, along with the howls and screams of the panicked Angelenos. Samantha enjoyed her power. Nothing could withstand her. Los Angeles turned into a ruin, the rampaging giantess left no neighborhood untouched.
When her big toe broke through the street where a subway tunnel ran, Samantha got an idea.
Squatting down, she started to pee in the 400 feet wide hole. The entire subway system was flooded immediate with her yellowish, foul smelling piss, which came crashing through the tunnels like a wild river and washed everything away it encountered. People and the subway cars were drenched in her pee, drowning hundreds as it filled the stations and compartments. Her piss ran everywhere, no one could escape the yellow doom her pee formed.
Samantha's crotch began to get wet. All this killing and crushing made her horny, and she wanted sex. Just in time, she saw the perfect lovers.


An entire army came towards her, Samantha could clearly see the flea-sized tanks, pieces of artillery and gnat-like helicopters and jets. She saw many infantry soldiers, like termites, march with them. Somehow, her eyesight had improved as well, she could make out everything perfectly down there from her enormous height.

"Just in time!" , she addressed the army. "I was getting horny. Let's fuck!"

Samantha started to rub her breasts, not really big (in proportion) but a nice C cup, and just as she spread them, a squadron of jets came flying towards her. Their missiles, much to the horror of the pilots and Samantha's glee, flew right through her, just as John predicted. She hadn't noticed the bullets from the late police, so she thought it was the first time she was actually attacked.

"I'm invulnerable for your weapons," she said, laughing. "But you are not for MINE!"

Stepping forwards, she released her tits, letting them slam together with a loud smash. The 700 feet long breasts caught half a dozen jets, smashing them to pieces like two colossal meaty wrecking balls. Small clouds of dust and smoke emerged from her cleavage. Waving an arm nearly two miles long, she swatted four more jets and three helicopters out of the air, the little fireballs they irrupted in no more than sparks to her. She repeated this three more times, and as she saw that the air force was eliminated, she turned towards the army on the ground.
Samantha sat down, causing an earthquake that knocked down the infantry, overturned tanks and artillery, as well as making three more city blocks collapse. Such was her power, she destroyed and killed by merely sitting down. Spreading her legs and shoving dozens of square miles of already ruined city away with them, she offered the army her huge cunt. It was 100 feet long, 30 feet wide, a huge cavern of slimy, dripping wet meat.

"Come, come to Samantha. Fuck the biggest pussy on Earth. I'm horny as hell. And I like strong soldiers!", she begged.

Soldiers started to fire, tank shot their loads, but every single bullet flew as if she was not there.

"Did you mites think your pathetic pieces of metal could penetrate THIS?", she said, rubbing her vast belly. You don't want to come...BUT I DO!!!", she cried, scooping as many soldiers, tanks and whatever materials the U.S. army had deployed in her huge hands, before bringing them to her love tunnel. She rubbed the entire army against her cunt, pushing tanks and soldiers into it, smearing them to goo and mangled metal.
The army men died by the scores, most of them by her hands pressing them together like lice, or against the tanks, who did not gave in against their puny bodies. But they gave in against Samantha's fingers, whose strength put every hydraulic press to shame. The slimy wet pussylips that followed Samantha's hands made short work of the survivors, like an enormous compressor they left nothing intact of the expensive material and highly trained soldiers. Samantha's huge clit, pulsating, wet and extremely sensitive, ploughed through her little lovers and their vehicles like a bulldozer.
Samantha was in heaven. Hundreds and hundreds of soldiers she shoved in her pussy, not caring about the explosions of the bombs being dropped by bombers circling her. They too, didn't harm her, but the resulting friendly fire killed many of their fellow soldiers, who couldn't flee because she used her enormous legs to form a wall around them.

"Ah!" she cried. "AAAaaaah!" Her orgasm approached, the few surviving soldiers in her cunt felt the temperature rising.
"AAAAAAaaaarrrrgggghhhhh!!!!" Samantha came violently. Her cunt vomited slime and hundreds of soldiers, in the form of red goo over the few survivors still outside. Along with leftover from tanks, they washed the remainder of the army away.
"AAAaaaaaahhh!", she sighed in bliss. Her slimy cum made the puddle the size of a pond between her legs. Small dots that were soldiers floated in it. No one moved, as far as she could tell. She had just fucked an entire army.
Samantha stood up and looked at the city. Most of LA was ruined, but Samantha wasn't finished. There were more cities, and her hungry pussy demanded more. Much more. Samantha twisted the dial again, not a bit, but a lot. She had had sex with an army, but for her that was just the "first course".
It was time for the main dish.

An entire city.

Chapter 7

Samantha grew again, so her cunt became vast enough for her plan. Her already enormous body expanded in all directions, her shadow eclipsing all of LA. Her feet ploughed through the ruins and still standing buildings like pink hills, steamrolling and crushing. She rose higher and higher, and soon no one in LA was able to see her face anymore while she was sitting, such was her vastness. Her chest and belly put the highest mountains to shame, her ass able to flatten several cities at once. She grew and grew, and as she reached 100 miles, the St. Andreas Fault couldn't take her mass anymore. It broke in two, creating a large chasm that gobbled up all of LA. Samantha didn't notice. To her, this city- eating canyon was no more than a small crack. She grew further, her feet now simply pushing the tectonic plate away like a piece of cardboard. She shoved dozens of villages out of the way doing so, and still she gained height.
200 miles. The entire West Coast of the U.S. and parts of Mexico could see her, rising as if the devil himself emerged from hell to start the Apocalypse. Her feet expanded further, toes flattening entire cities, villages became little more than small dots of lint under her toenails.
300 miles. Samantha wasn't finished growing. The Expander made her bigger and bigger, the entire world prayed and panicked as they watched her on the news or "live", as most of the American continent was being able to see her.
400 miles. She was no less than a goddess, some people even started to worship her, thinking she was indeed a divine being, coming to judge mankind. Samantha was unaware of this, she only saw Earth moving away from her, as if she sat in a space shuttle on its way to the moon.
450 miles. Samantha's growth finally came to a halt. Now she was big enough to fuck an entire city.

She looked down her 450-mile body. Clouds, little more than tiny balls of cotton, played around her toes. They were a mountain range themselves, pink ridged mountains, being able to crush an entire city, as she proved a dozen times while growing. She noticed her big toes' long nails, about half an inch longer than the tip of her toe to her. In reality, the nail reached 4 miles beyond the tip. If she placed her foot in front of a city, her toenail alone could block all of its sunlight and rain, like a milky white shelter.
"Perhaps the tinies can even see it growing," Samantha thought, getting more sexually excited. "How fast do toenails grow? One hundredth of an inch each day?" Samantha didn't know, but started to do some number crunching out of sheer pleasure.
"My entire big toenail must be around 9 miles long," she thought admiring it. "I'm 450 miles and I was 6 feet. So I'm now...(Samantha calculated)...about 450,000 times bigger. Yes. 450,000 times one hundredth of an inch means 4500 inches or 375 feet. My big toenail grows 375 feet each day!" Samantha grinned reaching this estimated outcome. She did some more arithmetic and found out that her toenail grew about one tenth of an inch each second!
"Yes! The tinies can see it grow," she thought, making her feel hornier. "An unstoppable growing toenail, each day gaining 375 feet in length, obliterating everything it encounters. Nothing would be able to withstand its power. Concrete would crumble, mountains pushed aside, my growing toenail alone doing this. Let the tinies hope I don't place my feet upside down, like when I'm sitting on my knees, in front of a village. My toenail alone could shove it away in two days or even upon it, like snow on a shovel!"
Samantha sighted happily. This was true power! Even the most insignificant functions of her body were already apocalyptic to the insignificant grains of dust down there calling themselves humans.
She was about to calculate the growth of her hair, but her tingling crotch reminded her where her attention should lie.
Looking around her, Samantha saw small dots of grey, patches of green and brown, and thin, small blue threads that were rivers. Black cracks that her growth and mass caused made the ground look like a broken mosaic.
Her clothes, she noticed, had indeed grown with her, they now covered half of California, smothering whatever lay underneath it.
She walked northward, stepping on smaller cities and destroying them like nothing under her naked feet, while flattening the Sierra Nevada, until she saw a nice, relative large patch. It was the city of Reno. Bending down, Samantha dug her hand, 40 miles long, in the ground and tore Reno from the surface.

"It's sex time!", she thundered for the entire world to hear.

She sat down, flattening millions of square feet of country under her huge butt, and spread her legs again, wiping two states away, cities and all. For Samantha, it was like sweeping breadcrumbs off a table.
Using one hand, she spread her pussy lips again. Without saying a word, she simply slit all of Reno in her love tunnel, her hungry cunt gobbling up all of it at once.
The inhabitants of Reno saw two titanic, slimy pussy lips sliding by before the city was drowned in darkness, as if sitting in a train entering a tunnel. A fishy smell penetrated everyone's nose, before two enormous moist, juicy walls surrounded the city. As Samantha contracted her vaginal muscles, buildings and other constructions were pressed together like a car in a compressor, people dying by the score. Samantha however, was having a great time. The knowledge of having an entire city in her cunt was exciting beyond measure for her. Using her index finger, she pushed Reno further in her love tunnel, smashing even more buildings with nothing but her fingernail. Samantha felt another orgasm building up, her finger was getting moist with slime and dusty with remains of buildings.
Taking a few deep breaths, Samantha focused on her crotch. Then it hit her. A terrifying orgasm ran through her body, she was shaking all over. Her cunt, hot as hell, released tons and tons of juice and slime. The city was drowned in her love juice, killing whomever was still alive.
Globs of slime, each the size of a hill, fell down, splattering thousands of square feet of area where they hit the ground. Entire city blocks melched out with her cum.
"AAaaaaahhhh!" Samantha sighted, causing a hurricane with her breath. "Nothing like fucking a city in the evening, after having had sex with an army," she said. "Now, if the army was the first course and the city the main dish, what shall I have for desert then? A mountain range? A rain forest? No, I know." Samantha just got another idea. The perfect "dessert" for her still hungry pussy.

She turned her 450-mile tall body and headed for India.

Chapter 8

Samantha wanted to go to Asia by land, because she didn't want to get her feet wet, so she headed further north.
Each of her steps crumbled thousands of square miles of land, the Pacific flooding area's the size of a small state as her weight pressed down the west coast of the U.S.. To Samantha, it was as if she was walking on the shore next to the sea, her footprints slowly filling with briny water. Each of her 60 mile long feet stepped on several large cities at once, they made crunching noises like small chunks of ice. Samantha imagined herself walking on the beach, the cities being like shells she crushed. To her, they had more or less the same size.
Arriving at Alaska, her footfalls turning the cold soil into a lunar landscape, she headed for Street Bering. It was no more than a ditch to her, and Samantha estimated the distance over Canada, Alaska and Siberia towards India wasn't that more than the direct route through the oceans. Samantha's 200-mile long strides brought her quickly to Asia.
Crossing Siberia and leaving footprints the size of a sea in the tundra landscape, with or without crushed dots in them that were cities, Samantha finally arrived in India. The small bumps at her feet, she realized, were the Himalaya's. Stepping over them like a doorstep, and killing millions of Indians by squashing the city of Delhi under her sole, Samantha twisted the dial again, but now in the opposite direction.
She shrank down to the size of 12 miles, the vacuum her shrinking left created gales that devastated most of India. Not caring much about that, she proceeded towards her goal, her cunt dripping like a broken tap.

The city of Agra.

There she saw her chosen dessert for her cunt.

The Taj Mahal.

Samantha had always admired the white monument. She knew the exact location of Agra, and from her height of 12 miles, she saw the little building, not much bigger than a sugar lump to her. Samantha, still naked, crouched next to the Taj Mahal, admiring its beauty. She licked her lips. Her cunt nearly exploded with lust, she almost came just by thinking what was about to happen. Carefully, Samantha dug the burial monument from the ground, like a gardener rooting up a precious plant. Then, she lifted it to her face. Did she see small colored specks being blown away?
Those were cars from tourists, the enormous winds caused by her lifting the monument to her face 5 miles up blowing then away. People as well, but Samantha was too large to see them.
Then she sat down, her gargantuan ass crushing the city of Agra. She spread her legs, each more than 7 miles long, her calves and thighs causing more deaths, and spread her pussylips once more. She closed her eyes, and slowly shoved the Taj Mahal into her hungry, dripping cunt. The building fit nicely in it, the cold stone felt terrific. Samantha, full of lust, started to twitch, each of her trusts causing a small earthquake. Inhaling deeply, she focused on her feelings in her neither region.
"Ah!...AH!!!...AAAAARRRGGGHHHHH!!!!" As another huge orgasm hit her, Samantha turned the white stones of the Taj Mahal into powder. She destroyed a monument, centuries old, with nothing but her pussy. The Taj Mahal was build as a grave for an Indian empress, now it's final use was making Samantha orgasm. A huge wave of cum poured over India, washing entire villages away and smothering hundreds of people. Layers and layers of juice, thick, slimy pussy juice her cunt spat, hitting everything like an avalanche. Broken white crumbs that were the Taj Mahal came with it, the huge stones being washed away by the force of her orgasm like feathers in a storm.

Samantha stood upright, her 12-mile frame towering impossibly high over India. Her shadow eclipsed the ruins of Agra. "I'm the empress of the world," she thought. "Nothing can stand against me. I am invulnerable. Everybody knows me, no one caused more damage and death than I."
That thought didn't touch her consciousness at all. She was above the paltry morale the squirming humans, dying by the hundreds if she moved as much as her pinky toe, babbled about.
"An empress needs a throne," she thought. "Let's build one. A real big, impressive building. The puny, tiny shit the humans build will be nothing against it. A throne no one will be able to destroy. For an empress, no, a goddess, that is powerful beyond comprehension."

Samantha looked around, and saw what she needed. Stones. The Himalaya, still there and from her current height more impressive that they had been when she was 450 miles, was perfect.

Chapter 9

Samantha twisted the dial to grow. She rose higher and higher before the Himalaya.
Reaching 150 miles, she stopped. Even Mount Everest was little more than a small rock to her now. Samantha bent down, and started to jerk the mountains of the Himalaya from the ground. One after the other was removed, Samantha using one arm to hold them and the other to tear up more mountains. Having collected most of the Himalaya, Samantha headed back to the U.S.. The weather patterns in India would soon change, now that the protecting mountain range was gone.

Back in the U.S., Samantha dropped the Himalaya in the state of Colorado, crushing Denver and a dozen of smaller cities and towns under their weight. She went back to California, retrieved her clothes and put them on again. She didn't even consider the cities and villages she tore from the ground along with her clothes as she picked them up, nor did she mind the earthquakes she caused while dressing.

"I'll build a throne. A throne for a goddess. People will come and worship me, or else...". She stomped down, destroying Las Vegas under her sole.

Samantha started to build. She rearranged the Himalaya Mountains like they were bricks. After half an hour, a small chair-like building stood in front of her, too small for Samantha at her current height, but she was able to shrink, so that didn't matter.

"Listen, Earth!", she spoke aloud after finished her work. "I am Samantha. You have seen what I can do, and be sure, it was not all! I can grow much, much bigger, even bigger than the Earth. No weapon can be used against me, not even nukes. You bring me food daily, wash my clothes if I command it, and do as I say. If not...". Samantha bent down, and tore a city from the ground. It as a fairly small one, about one hundred thousand inhabitants.
Samantha removed a shoe and placed the entire city inside it. She could feel the warm air coming from it, knowing the smell was horrible. For the city inside the dark of her shoe, it was hell. The sultry atmosphere made them think of the biblical plague of darkness, but the cloying, disgusting foot odor was far worse. It robbed the inhabitants of the city of air, making one hundred thousand people choke and gag. The entire population became nauseous, her cheesy air was everywhere. The inhabitants threw up en masse, before many suffocated to death. Those that survived where squashed against the inside of her shoes' nose, as Samantha put her shoe on again. Her enormous toes pressed it like an insect to death, but she hardly felt it.

Samantha twisted the dial again, shrinking until she was able to use the "throne" she made like a sofa. She was 20 miles now.

"I have no qualms at all killing you tiny little specks," she said, after sitting down on her throne. "Know that I am your new goddess. I am indestructible, even when I shrink back to the ridiculously small height of 100 feet. Try to attack me, disobey me, and no less than a million of you shits will perish under my feet. I think we understand each other!"

Samantha sat down on the throne she made from the mountains. She was indeed a goddess, she could grow and shrink at will, no weapon was able to harm her. If grown big enough, Samantha's vastness alone made her not only able to destroy a world, but also to create one, like the gods of old supposedly did. Her piss could become a new river, ending in a new lake. Her shit could cover an entire country, even the U.S. if she grew big enough, fertilizing countless acres of soil. Many trees, perhaps an entire rain forest, could grow there that way. Samantha's hands and feet were able to create mountains and chasms alike. She could lower the worldwide sea level by sucking the oceans' water in her mouth, and spitting it out into the outer atmosphere, again and again where it would disappear in space.
Her very presence alone was changing the weather patterns, even influence the tides somewhat because of the gravity pull her enormous body created.
She already created earthquakes as the result of her footfalls. But she might do more. Spitting would mean severe rainfall, the saliva being turned into tiny droplets after falling from the vast height of her mouth down to earth. No force of nature would be a match for her. Samantha could eliminate a hurricane by simply inhaling it. Floods by drinking, wildfires by blowing. An erupting volcano could be extinguished by her pinky toe alone stepping on it, putting it out like a smoldering cigarette butt.
But only if the tinies did what she wanted. Only then would she consider, but not promise, to help against calamities. If not, she would be worse than every other natural disaster together.
Yes, she was a goddess! Goddess Samantha. Life was good.