by Chelgi

There was nothing more to do, so I leaned back in the big comfortable recliner and, putting my feet up, watched the door to the bedroom. With an unobstructed view through the bars of my cage I waited anxiously for the towering giantess that had captured me to return.

Four days ago I had just gotten out of my car when a tall gorgeous blond with enormous tits approached me. I'm still not sure of what happened. I was staring at her humongous boobs, and suddenly I was dizzy as hell, almost like I was falling down drunk. Then the next thing I knew it felt like a truck smashed into me, a tremendous crushing pressure engulfed my entire body, and I was flying through the air. It seemed as though a mattress was wrapped tightly around my body, and I was zooming upward like I was in an express elevator.

When the elevator stopped, and the mattress released the crushing pressure on my body, the nightmare began. The mattress was a giant woman's hand. I was lying in the palm of a woman's hand! A hand as big as a bed! And I was staring into the beautiful smiling face of a young woman, a face the size of a billboard! She was smiling down at me with lips a yard wide! Plush red lips and big blue eyes the size of dinner plates!

Completely disoriented and dazed, I remember thinking that I must be hallucinating after being hit, and this was the face of a nurse looking down at me in a hospital. The only problem with that rationalization was that the hand holding me closed around me again and I was stuffed into her purse like a toy.

It took me a while to realize that it wasn't a hallucination, but was really happening, and to figure out that the giantess wasn't really a giantess, but a woman that had some how shrunk me to the size of a Barbie doll. Now I'm living in a birdcage hung in her bedroom. It's a kinda' nice birdcage, shaped like a small house. It's nice and roomy for a little doll man like me, with a nice, thick, shag rug on the floor, big comfortable chairs and couches, a big bed, and even hot and cold running water.

The first couple of days I went bananas, screaming constantly, begging her to let me go, crying and fighting her every move. Finally when I realized that I was totally helpless, and she was neither going to let me go or make me big again, I quit fighting and gave in to her. The next evening after I had calmed down I found out why I had been shrunk. She uses men for dildos. That's right, SHE USES MEN FOR DILDOS!

She came home and began talking to me. When I answered her reasonably instead of screaming, cursing and crying as I had been doing she came over and opening the cage lifted me out in the palm of her gigantic hand, like I was a little toy.

She caressed my body with the tips of her gigantic fingers rubbing them slowly over me. They were warm and soft, sensuously erotic as they fondled my body. She lay me on her vast bed and stepped back facing me as she stripped.

I lay on that vast plain of white staring up at that titanic giantess as she slowly removed her clothes. Even fully dressed as she had approached me in the parking lot, I had known that she was a beautiful woman, but I hadn't realized how gorgeous she really was until I saw the fabulous body beneath her elegant clothing. Her legs rose from tall stiletto heeled shoes and trim ankles sensuously swelling into exquisitely sculpted lusciously muscled calves and thighs. The lovely legs joined forming wide smoothly curved hips and a hard firm ass that would give a priest a hard-on. Then above a trim waist and taut well muscled tummy were the mountainous boobs that had mesmerized me while she shrunk me into a little doll. When I was six feet two and two hundred fifteen pounds they had appeared to be some of the most enormous tits I had ever seen. Now, from less than a foot tall they were positively humongous! If I were still full sized, and her tits were that big, she'd have to use the bow sections from a couple of Goodyear blimps for a bra.

I was still entranced staring at her prodigious breasts when she rolled back onto the bed and picked me up in her gargantuan fingers.

"Okay, little man, the time has come!"

"Time for what?" I screamed in terror, "What are you gonna' do?"

I was squirming and fighting as she brought me down between her sequoia like thighs.

"Oh, come on now! Don't you know what we're going to do?" She was laughing now, as she brought my naked body into her crotch. "I'm gonna' gobble you right up....! Swallow you whole! Poor little man."

I screamed and hit at her giant fingers trying to escape. "No, please.....don't......please don't!"

"Oh, you silly little man, I'm going to swallow you whole all right, but I'm not going to eat you! I'm gonna use you for a dildo! Gonna' stuff that fine little body of yours right up my big ol' pussy and fuck myself silly with you. You're gonna go right in here. Don't you think that'll be fun!" And she brought me up against her colossal pussy.

She spread her titanic legs and with her tremendously gigantic fingers parted her thick pouting labia. Awestruck, I gazed into the darkness inside her giant cunt. A great mouth, a yard wide, waiting to swallow me up.

Her gigantic inner labia lay open like the obscene petals of some immense tropical flower. The enormous petals of soft velvety flesh glistened with the moist dew drops of her arousal. Hot, wet, writhing masses of flesh, slick and wet with the thick, hot, cream of her lust, surrounded the huge cavern gaping open before me.

I started to reach out and caress the soft hot flesh of her giant pussy, and stopped as I realized what I was doing.

I was so mesmerized I wasn't thinking straight. You don't just reach out and grab a woman's cunt. Particularly if she is a fifty foot giantess! And holding you in the palm of one hand!

"I looked up at her beautiful smiling face, "May I?"

"Oh, God, yes....! That's what you're there for. Please, touch it, play with it! Kiss it, lick it.... enjoy
yourself. I'm gonna' enjoy you!"

I stared into the cavern of her giant body and tenderly touched the colossal flesh of her labia. It was soft and hot, writhing and pulsing under my hand. Reaching a hesitant hand into her open vagina I stroked the soft slippery walls.

As I caressed the soft flesh inside her pussy her gigantic telephone pole sized fingers clamped on my hips and I was upended and plunged headfirst into the softness of her brobdingnagian cunt. My head slid through the soft yielding flesh and I was drenched in the sweet ambrosia of her flowing cunt.

As my head slipped into that awesome mass of pussy flesh the last thing I heard was her muffled voice moaning, "Oh.....Yess......MMmmmmm......" rolling like sibilant thunder as I was pushed headfirst into her gigantic cunt.

In the total darkness inside her gigantic cunt I could feel the soft velvety walls of her giant sheath engulfing my body, sliding erotically over me as I sank into her. Deeper and deeper I slid into the enormous cavern of her giant body. The giant inner muscles squeezed and fondled my entire body like a prick in her gargantuan vagina. I exploded over and over again in the depths of her giant cunt as her inner muscles squeezed, and writhed about me, erotically squeezing and crushing my body in the hot softness of her inner flesh.

With my sexual hunger ended I returned to reality, and realized where I was and what was happening to me. A minute ago the enormous mass of her vast body was a warm erotic pressure engulfing my entire body, squeezing me sensuously, sending me into raptures of erotic passion. But now I was crushed in the tremendous mass of her gigantic body, I could barely breathe, I could hardly move! I was no more than a tiny toy for her, a dildo stuffed up inside her gigantic cunt.

Just because I had blown my stack, I wasn't through! I was still being rammed in and out of her giant cunt in her sexual frenzy. I was nothing more than a small sex-toy for her, her dildo, and she was using me in her luscious giant pussy to satisfy her hunger, not mine. As her passion rose and her climax neared I was slammed in and out of that gargantuan cunt faster and faster. The enormous masses of gelatinously soft flesh inside her giant cunt squeezed and kneaded my entire body, crushing me in the spasms of her giant vagina as she erupted in one heaving writhing orgasm after another. Hot and sweet, her thick cum flooded about me threatening to drown me in the sweet warmth of her womanly juice. I was tossed about inside her like a small boat in a storm as her giant body heaved and squirmed in explosion after explosion of mighty orgasm. As the awesome muscles of her gargantuan vagina tightened about me in spasm after crushing spasm of orgasm I was afraid that her involuntary reactions would squash me with her giant climax as her titanic cunt had it's way with my tiny trapped body. But the deep softness of her inner flesh kept me from harm as she writhed and heaved through the throes of one mighty climax after another.

I had difficulty breathing and couldn't move as the colossal muscles deep inside her titanic body crushed and kneaded my entire body in her vagina's powerful grip, but even as I was squashed unmercifully in the passionate contractions of her giant vagina, I was heaving, squirming, and writhing with my own explosions of climax in the depths of the huge fleshy cave squeezing my body so erotically, my prick squirting massive loads of cum in the depths of her cunt. But what to me was massive loads of jism exploding into her, was undetectably tiny to her gargantuan body as she continued thrusting me in and out of that gigantic pussy for hours.

I had never been so enraptured. I was no more than a tiny toy for her, but I loved being her toy, I was her pet, and like most pets, loved my mistress with total dedication and trust, she could do anything she wanted to with me and I'd never do anything but love her and let her use me any way she wanted. I was her's completely, and loved it!